Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good resolutions are...

The explosion of appendage-friendly garments continues with the Alien-inspired Peekaru and the ascot-on-steroids Necky. This fashion trend has only one inevitable conclusion and I can't wait to see what kind of fleece garment they design for that special appendage.

Time to cuddle up by the fire for The History of Numerical Linear Algebra. For your post-reading roundtable discussion, debate the Kronecker-Zehfuss scandal. Travel back in time with this gallery of vintage computers from Z4 to UNIVAC. Five dozen cool pics of the erf from outer space.

Get your weather forecast Star Wars style (today it's Naboo out there). The periodic table of beers is something only an anal-retentive alcoholic could create. Bacon Xmas ornaments (sold out, unfortunately). Ever want to search for 4 things at once? Then GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle is for you.

U.S. to capture cow farts? I'd prefer we got bin Laden first. Make bacon cups for your next party. The Marketing Genius blog. This demonstration of how a curve ball is perceived was named best illusion of the year. Here's someone's list of the 33 essential free utilities for your PC. A new term for marketing: inbound interaction management.

For your CAE reading pleasure...
  • Fluid-structure interaction in abdominal aortic aneurysms (uses Gridgen)
  • Get 19 free models from T-Splines
  • CFD simulations of your data center from EigenForge
  • CFD simulations of foundries for EPA compliance
  • STAR-CCM+ v4.06 is the most popular product in CD-adapco's history.
  • Symscape's December newsletter

Working in a startup? Smart Bear suggests you ask yourself these 10 questions every month. Get your groove on with A Very Bootie Xmas 2. James Cameron will be giving the keynote presentation at SolidWorks World 2010. I have a feeling he won't be doing a demo of SolidWorks. Everything you never wanted to believe in: the James Randi Foundation.

Seth Godin's new ebook, What Matters Now, is available now for free download. Just in case you ever need a compact calendar for a planning meeting. RegExr is a cool online tool for learning regular expressions.

Dates for your events planner...
You too can earn an advance degree at the Institute for Internet Studies. Lesson One: memes. Fantastic cutaway drawings of nuclear power plants around the world. Like Mario? Use this image generator from Mario World. You can do some pretty cool things with CSS, but I've never seen anything like this parallax effect on an image. Automatically generate your own annoying Xmas card year-in-review letter.

...checks drawn on an account where you have no balance. -- Oscar Wilde

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