Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love and work...

Special Anal Retentive Edition

A periodic table of superhero powers (Element #45 Lc - Luck is a superhero power?  Able to win the lotto with a single ticket!  Does this imply hidden meaning to the the ELP song Lucky Man?  )

How to organize your spice rack.

Keep your sideburns precisely trimmed

Find a ZIP code by entering an address.

Do you gotta go RIGHT NOW?  Use Sit or Squat to find a public restroom near you.  And if you find yourself needing TP, tweet for it like this fella in Japan did (successfully!)


The Journey of Mankind is an awesome map-based visualization of the peopling of the world.  (Creationists can skip this.)

Hypnotizing video of morphing cartoon characters.

A time-lapse, panoramic photo of the endless day.

The Z Machine at Sandia National Labs.

Awesome time-lapse video of space shuttle Discovery being prepped for STS-131.


Why just eat a pancake when you can eat a Star Wars pancake?

Jim makes his own pancakes.

A BLT please, and hold the L and T.

How do you make lasagna better?  Add more layers (100 to be exact).

Hungry for soup?  Ask Noodlr, the noodle soup oracle. 

Craft beer sales were up 7.2% during 2009 with favorable projections for 2010.  When economic times are tough, nothing soothes like a fine brew.

And, I hope you've enjoyed American Craft Beer Week perhaps with Stone's Arrogant Bastard or Rogue's Double Dead Guy.


Here's this week's obligatory article about Facebook's privacy settings

In the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions you can find gems like polylogarithms.

How to personalize vim.

Some people lose the TV remote.  Jupiter lost a stripe.

Automatic detection of sarcasm in online product reviews.  (Yeah, right.)

When is a plane flying not just a plane flying?  When it's a pregame flyover.

Tired of current video formats?  The WebM project plans to bring us another.

A declassified 1964 report on a history of NSA's computer usage.

More lessons learned in 30 years of programming (#1 it pays to share everything you know.)

TrueCrypt - free open-source encryption software.

Want to create an app for the iPhone?  Here's an introduction to the iPhone SDK to get you started.  Here's my idea for an app that you're welcome to steal.  A speech to text converter that sends a text message.  (Hopefully you see the irony in this.)

Instead of using passwords, try OpenID.

Only hardcore fans of data visualization (can you say "Tufte"?) will enjoy this article on ACM Queue about a tour of the visualization zoo.

High school students get to solve real engineering problems (design the tail of a business jet) using real engineering software (Pro/E, Windchill, and EFD.Pro) in the Real World Design Challenge.  Congratulations to this year's winner, Baldwin High School from Kansas.

Share your digital designs on Thingiverse.

Add the Cooliris plugin to Firefox and browse photos and videos.   

Big Business

First-time entrepreneurs can find 59 resources from legal to marketing to hiring in QuickSprout's handbook.  One resource stands out on this list: how to close your business permanently.

Here's a company that posts on their web site a list of 100 reasons why you'd want to work there.  #45 is "Average age at the company is 30.2".

I'm not sure what CrunchBase is good for.  A wiki about tech company gossip?

I like The Productologist blog not only for product management info but because the name requires precise articulation.

How to recognize the signs that your new product management job is going to suck: #4 there are more
documentation writers than QA engineers.

Artsy Fartsy

The Art of Noise retrospective Influence is due out this summer!

Are these the 100 greatest writers of all time?  (Honestly, I didn't know Faulkner was ranked #1 until after I decided to add this link.)  I do absolutely, positively, 100% agree with this statement about Faulkner: "His command of syntactical structures pushed the language forward at least seventy-five years, which is to say nothing of his mesmerizing use of dialogue."

One person's list of the 90 best cartoons of all time.  Speed Racer at #87?  A little low.  Rocky and Bullwinkle at #6 - nicely ranked.  Notable omissions: Atom Ant, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla, Pink Panther.

You've heard of the MoMA.  Here's the MoBA - Museum of Bad Art.

Brice Marden talks about Rothko and Newman.  "The beauty of painting extends into the beauty of his [Rothko's] image."  (Apologies if that sounds like BS art-speak.)

The Modern Art Notes blog has moved to


It's time for part 4 of Symscape's series, CFD Novice to Expert.

Symscape's May 2010 newsletter

The CFD Lab at UMass Amherst

Intelligent Light released FieldView 12.3

Video history of the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (after hearing and reading about Fred Stern for years, it was nice to see what he looks like)

Vintage 1961 video about fluid mechanics

Blue Ridge states the case for Upfront CFD

CFDesign 2010 wins NASA Tech Briefs' 2009 Product of the Year

Siemens PLM released NX 7

5th annual conference on Advances and Applications of GiD, 26-27 May 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Best Practices for Engineering CFD, 13-14 Sep 2010, Chatou, France

EnSight introduces "Me Too" to vote for features on their forum

Tecplot add-in: PLOT3D exporter

Boltzmann equation QED

Get your technical graphics industry news and commentary from VEKTORRUM.

How do you save 285 million years of diesel fuel per year?  Let NASA and Lawrence Livermore streamline tractor trailers.

Evidence of Brain Damage

The Terrafugia isn't a flying car, it's a drivable plane?

Good advice never goes out of style: 1951's How to Survive and Atomic Bomb.

This Steve guy sounds pretty cool.  (Must eat more meat.)

SPIN.  No freakin' clue.  A true head scratcher.  Must be French.

While you're reading Horse Bits at work, use idlekeyboard so "the man" thinks your working.

Well, the Rovio isn't getting great reviews so maybe I should set my sights on an Anybot.

An online version of Centipede?  There goes the afternoon.

A list of unusual words including one of my favorites, callipygean (having well-shaped buttocks). 

Teh Interwebs

Hubspot's marketing hubs.

I've been using GIMP for about a year after switching from Paint Shop Pro so I thought these 35 GIMP tutorials would be helpful but there's not much call for light saber effects in my graphics. adds a trick to URL shorteners: the ability to protect the link with a password.  For example, if you know where I work, you'll be able to  resolve this link:

Use Tinysong to share music via a short URL.  For example, here's what I'm listening to right now:

What aspect of marketing doesn't Hubspot have an opinion on?  Here they present ten rules for improving your presentations.   I'm easily violating 30% of their recommendations.

Because Hubspot's #1 rule was "start on paper", here's a great link to paper tools and toolkits for web designers (including templates for sketching your iPhone apps).

A controversial, counter-intuitive social media secret: link to your competitors as a way of increasing your traffic.

Yet another way to interpret color preferences: ecology.

Got you some fugly Javascript?  Clean it up with jsprettify.

Do you fear losing your tweets?  Fear no more: BackupMyTweets.

Or maybe you just want to be able to search Twitter like an expert.

Secret fear: appearing on Web Pages That Suck.

36 blogs about social media.  (Chasing your own tail anyone?)

Best practices for designing sign up forms.

And tips for designing terrific tables.

Here some tips for accounting for social interaction in your designs.

A guide to negative space in web page layouts.

...are the cornerstones of our humanness.  -- Sigmund Freud

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