Saturday, May 15, 2010

Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied...

This was inevitable: the Snuggie Sutra.  If you know what (oYo) is, you don't need to read this page about Boobicons. Two old things that are new again:  I played a lot of Asteroids as a kid (both in arcades and on the Atari 2600) so this HTML 5 Asteroids is awesome. (No quarters!)  And if you remember using LaTeX for word processing and publishing,  there's now latex-lab, a web-based, Google-docs integrated version. 

The SR-71 Blackbird is cool enough, but its recently declassified SR-71 flight manual is now available online.  Want to live-tweet a conference?  Better learn the protocol first.  How to critique a web page in 30 seconds or less (#4 scan the page for 5 seconds, then write down what you remember).

Of the undergraduate majors that yield the top 10 salaries, only two aren't engineering or computer science.  One of those is physics.  Before clicking through, guess the other.  This HTML5 canvas gradient demo had me entertained for 3.5 hours.

Star Wars inspired USB flash drives.  How to use GIMP to create graphics for your website.  Forget about running CAD software on an iPad - run CAD software in your browser.
 Tips on writing a good blog post (#4 Instead of writing for the masses, write for someone in particular.)  Here are Isobar's web app coding standards (they use spaces, not tabs).  Here's an online htaccess generator.  CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 cheat sheets.

Paracloud GEM is a 3D pattern modeler.   I'm not really sure what that is, but the pictures of what it does are pretty cool.

Looking for a nice steak in Fort Worth?  Try the Cat City Grill on Magnolia Avenue.  The decor is a like a snooty steakhouse but the food and service are comfortable and friendly.  (If only their web site didn't play music.)  Knovel is online search for engineering and technical information.

Panoramic photos of the NYC skyline from 1876, 1932, 1988, and 2013.  Now you can kneel before Zod online.  Why do people conduct code reviews: to reduce bugs going forward (84%) and to share best practices (72%).

rooohu aooooo oarawh aorcrawhcanraaowo wowhrranahcac ahwhaooo aoacwo ohooooorahwo anrawhrrhurarrwo cacrorcahahohooooor.  (Translation: You too can translate English into the Wookie language Shyriiwook.)

Predictions for 2010 from the Conference on the Future of Engineering Software:
  • Continued consolidation (50+%)
  • Fewer new entrants (44%)  Pshaw, I say.  Established companies are notoriously bad about imagining anyone or anything new entering their market.
  • Disruptive, non-traditional market entrants like SAP and Oracle.
I want Heike Weber to paint my office.

All the latest in programming jargon.  We have already adopted the term "jimmy" (clueless/new developer).  My favorite is "bugfoot" (a bug that can't be reproduced and only one person saw it).  Rich Minrov offers this product management assessment tool.

Mozilla's plans for Firefox 4 can be distilled down to this: be more like Google Chrome.  Here's a recommendation that startup founders get a hobby.  (What the hell is hay bucking?)  The lean startup methodology is a new way for getting your company up and running.

Hot on the heels of last week's postal abbreviations, here are your secondary address abbreviations (BSMT = basement).  Color theory too complex for you?  Try this simple color theory.

Boeing's new Phantom Ray UAV looks kick-ass.  Before opening PowerPoint to work on your next presentation, begin by asking why: Why does this matter?  Twitter's business center is out of beta and now being made available to companies on an invitation-only basis.  Hubspot presents more social media statistics than one person can possibly digest.  (In fact, there's enough noise here to make people not give two shits.)

30 tips on B2B social marketing, including "The key to participating in social conversations is to be helpful."  I've heard of a flying car, but a flying jet ski?  Art made from Twitter: Don't Tell Ashton.  A collection of bowling scoring screens.

OK, now go play Asteroids.  You know you want to.

...And vice sometimes by action dignified. --Friar Laurence, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

(Yes, I watched Romeo + Juliet last night.  It is one of the best film adaptations of Shakespeare's works I've ever seen.  The one with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Don't be hatin'.)

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