Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quotes are nothing...

This week's post sucks. Do not read it.

How does my ESTJ MBTI correlate with GTD? Around the world with sausages (for example, Croatia's kulen). Having trouble breathing? Follow along with the breathing circle. Real estate is probably cheap in Survival Town. Who doesn't like James Bond? Found in Rolls has been merged into the Ask About Coins blog.

If you're into drawing and animation, this series of blog posts from Temple of the Seven Golden Camels called A Kick in the Head about fundamentals is really interesting: Part One, Two, Three, Four.

When a professional computer systems administrator rants "I hate computers" you should listen, especially to observations like "Even when things go right, users are left to feel powerless and stupid." How many Twitter tools can there be? Quite a few according to this list from oneforty. According to this infographic about how fuel flows into energy consumption, we waste 44.6% along the way.

Seth Godin's five rules for amazing PowerPoint presentations is (unsurprisingly) similar to Edward Tufte's. But "no more than six words on a slide"? Really? A Marine Corps genereal is less subtle: "PowerPoint makes us stupid." Look out, Admiral Ackbar, it's a crap. Do your gardening one square foot at a time. What motivates you? Check out Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

I have no problem generating nonsense, but for others JabberWordy might help with selecting a nice nonsensical domain name. ( is available!) The diskette is dead. HP paid $1.2 billion for Palm. Total Spectrum's marketing blog. Know your ampersands. Lists, lists, and more lists from Listverse.
What is the world coming to when the actress who played Thelma Lou on the Andy Griffith show gets mugged in the town Mayberry was based on? By a dude named Shirley, no less.

Crap that doesn't work: Keyonary claims to be an online dictionary of shortcut keys for your favorite apps but apparently its favorite apps aren't mine - the only apps I got results for were Photoshop and InDesign, two apps I don't even own. This We Know claims to reveal U.S. government data about your community but it leaves a little to be desired in the accuracy department. For example, I don't know how my hometown can have a population of 19,636 and yet have 101,491 homeowners.

If Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state, I sure as hell hope they don't redo the flag with all the stars in a circle. Find out what Facebook is revealing about you. Seth Godin doesn't paint a rosy picture of the future of higher education (#4 The correlation between a typical college degree and success is suspect.) Get a college education 140 characters at a time by following these professors on Twitter.

Did you know the Association for Computing Machinery published a guide for how to name your computer? Some are common sense (don't enumerate names, don't use your name, don't use long words or words with ambiguous spelling). We use the idea of themes for computers at work (authors, rock bands, cities). My new computer's name is Anakin. An interesting timeline of evolution.

I warned you not to read this. Now I suggest you clear your mind with white noise.

...but inspiration for the uninspired. --Richard Kemph

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Francis Shivone said...

I like the links on this post.

As far as your profile favorites. Yes on the Godfather. I'd love to be able to read Faulkner but haven't quite got it yet.

Love Miles D. My son is performing in La Traviata, starts tomorrow in Philly. Great opera.

Besides all that, great blog.