Sunday, December 26, 2010

JR's Grill Expels Building's Old Demons

On the day after Christmas, what's better than to leave the holiday ham in the refrigerator, get out of the house, and take your football watching on the road?  That's precisely what we did tonight at JR's Grill in Colleyville which bills itself as a "sports restaurant" and backs up that promise with several large TVs mounted around the dining area showing what seemed to be every ongoing NFL game.

After scanning the menu, I was so intrigued by the Prime Time Filet Burger that I had to order it.  What's so intriguing about a burger?  This one consists of 9 ounces of ground filet mignon topped with boursin cheese and caviar.  Yes - caviar.  Never having had caviar before it seemed fitting that my first experience would be on a burger.  And this burger was excellent.  The meat, grilled to a warm pink center, was fantastic and worth the price alone.  The cheese was a perfect complement, creamy and rich as the crumbles melted over the patty.  And the dollop of black, small caviar was a nice salty question mark in the center.  (Honestly, I still can't say I know what caviar tastes like.)

The Prime Time Filet Burger at JR's in Colleyville.  This photo does not do it justice.

Others in my group had a cheeseburger, ribs, shrimp, and grilled chicken sandwich and all received high marks.

This visit to JR's Grill was important to me because my last visit to that property was back in 2009 when it housed Cowboy's Barbeque & Rib Co.  My only meal there (read my review) was possibly the worst dining experience I've had in the last two decades.  So I was glad to exercise that old ghost with such a wonderful meal at JR's Grill.  I plan to return.

More information about JR's Grill can be found on their web site,

For the record, I received no compensation from JR's Grill at anytime for anything.


Tyler said...

I'm a pro photographer. Watchu talkin' 'bout.

John said...

While there is no doubt that your photography is on par with Ansel Adams and other greats, it's hard to convey the burger's great taste with a picture.