Saturday, October 29, 2011

The errors of a man...

When you watch this video you'll never be able to look at a toddler the same way again - babies are just little drunks.

Forbes magazine (Forbes?) proposes three TV shows to revive the Star Trek franchise. I'll admit to watching TNG, Voyager, and DS9 but I don't think I ever watched a single episode of Enterprise.  The last scifi TV series I watched was Babylon 5 which itself got a little lost in the final episodes. Forbes' idea for Section 31 does sound interesting.

If you've ever wondered whether an email address was legit or a hoax, now you can test this with

Presentation tips: First, Dan Pink advocates three qualities of every presentation: brevity, levity, and repetition. From the Cooper Journal, your presentation needs to be new, true, useful, and beautiful. OK, now the question is how.

I just bought a 100 foot extension cord so this video about how to roll it up will come in handy.

An interesting application of isarithmic maps to visualize  county electoral data. This map shows distribution of family income including the effects of population density.
X-Wing is a HMTL-5/WebGL game where you pilot an X-Wing fighter around the surface of the Death Star.  Works best in Chrome.

What influences your grades most? Intelligence? Personality? Prior performance? Nope. Hope. From the Journal of Research in Personality: Hope uniquely predicts academic achievement above intelligence, personality, and previous academic achievement.

Infographics giveth and taketh away.  In this one we see the perks you get for working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. At Google you get 15 days of PTO, unlimited sick leave, and 12 paid holidays. Facebook provides photo processing and laundry service. Twitter has catered breakfasts and lunches.  But all this information is presented in a way that makes comparison very very difficult.

Aviation pr0n of the week: X-47B cruise flight test with gear up. It'll be something to see this thing land on a carrier, at night, in a storm.
At last week's Business of Software (#BoS2011) the rhetorical question was asked "Would anyone pay for your sales collateral?" The answer was a resounding "No." The answer should be "Yes" as evidenced by this HBR study that cites the sales experience as the overwhelming business differentiator even over price, product, and brand.  Stated another way, your sales team should be teaching customers in a way that leads them to your unique benefits, rather than just leading with your benefits.

This is a historical gem: a series of three autobiographical videos about artist and animator Eyvind Earle. You may not know his name but he was the background artist for Sleeping Beauty. I was not aware that a painting of his was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for its permanent collection long before his commercial success at Disney.

What time should you go to bed?  Did you know teh interwebs can help answer that question? At least the bedtime calculator can. For example, I get up at 5:00 a.m. and says I should go to bed at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, or 12:30. OK, so 9:30 it is.

Add to your collection of webcams: the Statue of Liberty TorchCam.
I am human number 76,885,261,952.

Is It Old? lets you determine whether a link is fresh or some dusty old junk that everyone's bound to have seen before.

  • baby drunks: ridiculously old
  • Star Trek: kinda OK
  • verify email addresses: ridiculously old
  • Dan Pink: no opinion
  • Cooper Journal: old
  • extension cord: really old
  • isarithmic maps: kinda OK
  • X-wing: old
  • hope: kinda OK
  • perks: really old
  • X-47B: kinda OK
  • business differentiator: ridiculously old
  • Eyvind Earle: OK
  • dead
  • human number: old
  • Is It Old: mad fresh (of course)

...are what make him really lovable. ~Goethe


Jim said...

Forbes' has an excellent idea. Having watched most of the Star Trek franchise than you'd think, I feel the best, most-compelling storytelling was in the multi-episode arcs. Even the much maligned Enterprise had its best moments during season 3 (only to be muted by the Space Nazis at the beginning of season 4).

DS9 finally found its footing midway and was the most nuanced. Section 31 would be an interesting spin-out.

John said...

Ah, all the Star Trek fan boys come alive with a single link. I expect at least one more commenter.

I think the story arc is what made B5 good, up until the end of the shadow war and then, as I wrote, it got kinda funky. Plus, the writer (whose name I can't remember) posted about the various episodes on the website - he was blogging before it was cool - which made it interesting.

I also never watched the new Battlestar Gallactica which I've been told was quite good.

Jim said...

I started watching the new Battlestar, but missed a few episodes and was, not surprisingly, completely baffled by what was going on -- the downside of long arcs. I suppose the same thing could be said of 24, where every episode is a plot twist. (With that, I had TiVoed it a few years ago and watched the episodes back-to-back.)

B5's writer was J. Michael Straczynski. He wrote some episodes of the (new) Twilight zone that were pretty good.

Amazon Prime just announced they're offering free streaming of LOST, so maybe I will have a chance to see what the fuss was about.

John said...

Yes, Stracyznski. And story arcs. That was his thing. And you're right - it's hard to jump in the middle.

Never watched 24 or Lost. Nor had the desire to.

Unknown said...
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anonymouse said...
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