Saturday, October 15, 2011

The most difficult thing to achieve in painting is...

Meet the Mona Lisa.  Wait.  What?  Oh, Meat Mona Lisa. Then clean up with a visit to the online moist towelette museum.

Clyfford Still, Untitled, 1947
The Modern Art Notes blog presented a 3-part series on American abstract expressionist painter (and general pain in the ass) Clyfford Still.  It's my favorite post on that blog in years.  It's a nice preamble to the opening of Still's museum in Denver next month.  I love his paintings.

Gumbasia is Art Clokey's Fantasia-inspired film that spawned Gumby.

I don't usually play online games but WonderPutt is very cool, especially the graphics during the transitions from one hole to the next.

The thoughts of Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman have been compiled into three short videos on the subjects of Beauty, Honours, and Curiosity. "I don't feel frightened by being lost in the universe without having any purpose."

I must get a bubble tank for my fish, Roy.
If it's true that city-states are replacing nations in our global economy, how do certain U.S. cities compare to countries around the world?  The DFW Metroplex's economy exceeds that of Argentina, $376.8 billion to $368.9 billion.

There's yoga and then there's antigravity yoga.

Would you rather eject from an F-8 Crusader over a combat zone or a thunderstorm?  Choose carefully, then read this account from someone who's done both.

We call can't eject from an F-8, but one of us can have an ejector seat office chair. (They're in the UK otherwise I'd give this some serious thought.)

I've been doing it wrong.  source
Here are 4 awesome examples of computer graphic animation. These videos are worth watching.

Certainly you know that 1048 is a quindecillion.  In case you've forgotten the other names of really large numbers, here's a list.  Or if you prefer your numbers less general and more specific, here are the 13 most important numbers in the universe.  #9 The Schwarzschild Radius, the radius of a sphere for a given amount of matter that creates a black hole.

From cream to rice to caramel, it's the kaleidoscope of candy bars.

Share the Star Warsphabet with your favorite geek.
Who might be interested in the source code for the NES game Metroid? Cube is an open-source system for visualizing time series data. Need sounds?  Want them for free?  Check out

...creating a space where absolutely nothing has been painted. ~Ike No Taiga (1723-1776)

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