Saturday, May 10, 2014

All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection.

Texans are a loyal bunch with only 24% of those polled saying they move elsewhere if given the chance. But which state has the least loyal residents?

Like Bach? Each Friday get one of Bach's 1,080 compositions at All of Bach.

Aviation pr0n at its finest - video of the 2013 Raytheon Trophy winning F-15 Eagles of the 67th Fighter Squadron.

I have never seen this in action but would like to: Disney World's janitors paint characters with their mops.

James McNeill Whistler, Nocturne in Blue and Silver, 1878. Stunning. Yes, this is the painter of Whistler's Mother and it gives me an entirely new perspective of and appreciation for his work.
"What starts out as hope soon becomes corroded into a tragedy of futility, leaving only a sense of chaos and the possibility of a new beginning." That sentence courtesy of the generator at Arty Bollocks.

40 maps that explain the Middle East? If only it were that easy.

This interactive visualization of the smartest spending teams in sports is one of the few URLs that I showed my son that he actually thought was interesting. Until he pointed out it was comparing apples and oranges due to salary cap. In the NFL, the best is the Patriots and next to last is the Browns.

Is this really how waves work?

What do you do with a disused 110 meter tall gas storage tank? You install an 320 degree interior light show, of course. 320 Licht. Take 3 minutes and watch the video.
Hmm. Millennial panic is a media-fabricated social norm. Yet despite agreeing with me, this article trips itself with statements like "[Millennials] parents' generation worked thanklessly at dead-end jobs." At least we now have proof that generational self-deceit works both ways.

Yes, opening a bottled drink with a chain saw.

Combine animation art with abstract expressionism and you get the work of Joyce Pensato.

If there really is a secret aircraft museum at Area 51, here's what might be in it.

Welcome to Cleveland, Johnny Football.

This still cracks me up every time I see it. source
If all the world's ice melted, you really wouldn't want to be in Florida according to these maps.

You can buy almost anything online theses days, including the joystick from the Apollo 15 lunar lander. (Starting bid, $10,000)

Over on Medium, one man extolls the great works of software: Unix, Emacs (yuk), and 3 others that may surprise you.

There are times when driving a tractor is better than being a jet pilot.
I'm not a huge Talking Heads fan, but this video of them performing in Syracuse in 1978 seems to be quite a rarity.

100 Year Starship was formed in order to achieve spaceflight beyond our solar system within the next century.

Dogs + GIFs = Dance Party

So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible. ~William Faulkner


Francis Shivone said...

F-15 Eagles: fun to watch and who wouldn't want to be able to fly something like that.

Opening bottles with chain saws. I get it.

John said...

Believe it or not, F-15s are almost old-school with arrival of the F-22s.

Someday I'll get you to like one of the bits of music I post!