Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twinscapes by Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati

I waited too long
to share with you how good this
Twinscapes album is.

Twinscapes is the 2014 collaborative effort of the bassist duo of Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Metallic Taste of Blood) and Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth, Berserk) joined by Andi Pupato (percussion), David Jackson (sax), Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet), and Roberto Gauldi (drums).

The album consists of 11 tracks: Shaken, Alice, In Dreamland, Breathsketch, Transparent, i-DEA, Conspiracy, Perfect Tool, Sparse, Yugen, Solos.

Twinscapes is a smoky, bubbling cauldron of rich bass laced with an almost surprisingly intricate ambience and spiced with the occasional funk. Sometimes rock, sometimes jazz, sometimes electronic - always delighful. There is a delicious restraint and openness to their sound. On Transparent, Molvaer's trumpet contributes a silkiness that echoes Feliciati's work with Naked Truth while on i-DEA Jackson's sax lends a ragged, breathy immediacy.

For a taste of the entire album, listen to the following preview on SoundCloud. Also, three complete tracks are posted on their record label's website, Rare Noise Records. My sense is that this album is best listened to at dusk, with the day's last light streaming in through the window, and your favorite beverage on your lips.

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