Saturday, May 3, 2014

Do not impose on others...

Go behind the scenes with this film shot in the studio during rehearsals for the Eno-Hyde album Someday World. And after that, check out Eno's reading list. (I've only read 1 of 20, War and Peace.)

Art Everywhere is the outdoor display of great American art as chosen by you. Vote on your favorites every day and the top 50 will be displayed across the country this coming August.

What color is sound? -or- Paint a room to reflect your favorite album. Or try Noisli if you need some background sounds.

For my beer drinking friends, here are 10 beers that are worth seeking out and trying. (Thomas Creek Conduplico Immundus Monachus?)

PicoBrew: doing for beer what Keurig did for coffee.

Cricket balls. Not insect pr0n, but the making of them (craft pr0n). Along those same lines, take comfort in knowing that old leaf spring you have in your garage can be crafted into a knife. (For the zombie apocalypse.)

Plastic food sounds like a toy until you've actually seen it in use in Japan.

Are you making any of these five common word usage mistakes? For example, did you know that no U.S. English preposition ending in -ward takes a final "s" except for backwards and afterwards?

At the intersection of design and derriere is Flat Butts.
Mascots are everywhere in business except tech. Why is that? Frankly, I think a little mascot might humanize the brand.

 'Muricans. Shame. We like our science far off in the future, not impacting our daily lives.

On MIT Technology Review's list of 10 breakthrough technologies for 2014 is microscale 3D printing.

Science giveth and science may taketh away. Remember several weeks ago the picture of gravitational waves? They might just be dust.

Scientists and doctors are now growing vaginas in labs and implanting them successfully into patients. (Serious, not a puerile joke.)

I have been laid low having seen only 23 of the top 100 animated movies.

Conservation efforts on the Civil War submarine Hunley have been completed.
So that's where it was. Hiding underneath Alabama was a piece of Africa.

Flushd is a smartphone app for finding the loo.

Ho-hum. More misinformation about motivating millennials.

Ho-hum deux: No one seems interested in push-button orgasms.

The Wonderlic exam always comes up this time of year due to the NFL draft but I didn't know it's also used in business as an interview tool. Want to try the Wonderlic yourself?

This list of the sounds we hate the most missed one that's high on my list - ringing cell phones, especially ring tones like music. And since thunder is high on the good sounds list how about a visual of rain in your browser.

Pokemon Alphabet
What do Miles Davis, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and giving a presentation have in common? A presentation is the interaction with the live audience.

For whiskey drinkers: Leave it to our Japanese friends at Suntory and their technology partners at Autodesk: design and 3D print your own custom ice cube scupltures called 3D on the Rocks.

Google's Project Tango is creating a mobile device (think cell phone) that is able of using sensors to map the 3D environment in your vicinity. (I recently met one of their partners for this work and his vision of what this device will allow is pretty incredible.)

Again with the projects. Project Naptha's goal is to enhance you web browsing by highlighting, copying and translating text from any image.

According to the WSJ, the 7th best job of 2014 is software engineer with a mid-level income of slightly over $93,000. And it seems if you're a lumberjack you're not OK.

I've always liked Dvorak's music (esp. his Symphony for the New World) but now I find myself liking it even more.

U.S. highways, simplified
How about a map of baseball fandom?

Science can sometimes be almost as exciting as watching paint dry. For example, the pitch drop experiment.

Remember the old Radio Shack electronics experiment kit where you wired together all sorts of gizmos? Now there's littleBits, snap together electronics. NASA is even involved.

Vintage floppy disks (as your parents) from 1985 yielded a treasure trove of unknown works by Andy Warhol.

One collector wants to know whether this is a real Rothko. (My immediate reaction when seeing it for the first time was no, it is not a Rothko. The brushwork doesn't look right.)
Have you been on the fence about learning to code? This might motivate you: Code Babes.


Game time: try to create your own stable solar system with Super Planet Crash.

...what you yourself do not desire. ~Confucius


Francis Shivone said...

My son lives in San Antonio and like the map says they follow the Rangers... and more feverishly the Cowboys. I asked him why not the Houston teams and he wasn't sure.

I knew I should have gone into coding when I was young.

John said...

If you want to get into coding, here's another motivating factor. The 20 happiest jobs for new grads (

1. java developer
2. embedded software engineer
3. .NET developer
8. Network engineer
10. web developer
12. software developer