Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not until we are lost...

Hours and hours of fun: watch live streaming video of the earth from the ISS.

The University of New Mexico hosts online a collection of cross sectional, cutaway drawings of nuclear power plants.

Disney vets Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas wrote about the 12 principles of animation. If you'd rather watch than read, see the 12 principles simply and succinctly illustrated in this video.

Would you pay $30 million for Piet Mondrian's Composition with Red, Blue, and Gray, 1927? It's up for auction later this month.
Or would you pay $55 for a beer foamer?

Can you catch your own football pass?

Electricity makes sense now.

Take 15 minutes to learn how one of Rothko's defaced Seagram murals was restored.

I'm certain you heard that artist H.R. Giger, the designer of the creature from Alien, has died.

Computer science is back with vengeance. After the dot-com bust, the number of computer science graduates dropped by nearly 50% but then started rising at the start of the Great Recession showing a 13% growth rate a year ago.

The most widely spoken language in each state other than English or Spanish.
Two new typefaces: scientific and Cthulhuian.

Mice can produce an astonishing amount of urine.

It's about time someone did a parody of craft pr0n. Check out Re Made's artisanal plungers.

STAtalas is sports stats like you've never seen them before.

What are the worst things for sale on the internet?

Shittens: Don't leave home without them. we begin to understand ourselves. ~Henry David Thoreau


Francis Shivone said...

Bookmarked Statlas.

I always like cams for some reason.

Good stuff.

John said...

Webcams satisfy the little voyeur in each of us.