Saturday, December 27, 2014

A children's story which is only enjoyed by children...

Have you pre-ordered yours yet? The Aristocrat's Culture Clash Live album.

Not your cup of tea? How about Music for Pieces of Wood? (I think this was composed by Steve Reich.)

The obligatory Xmas-related post. This one about Chuck Jones and Dr. Seuss and the Grinch. Did you know that the film was Boris Karloff's last performance before his death?

Gene Davis, Black Grey Beat, 1965. source
Have you heard about bulletproof coffee? It's coffee with butter and coconut oil and is said to provide a high-performance buzz that also suppresses your appetite (i.e. weight loss). Of course, nothing's as easy at it sounds because they offer their own line of coffee beans, there are specific types of butter and oil to add, there's a diet plan, exercise plan, etc.

Classic animation with a science bent: Cosmic Clock.

This map of the states by how easily they're remembered is from a page of 25 maps of various stats.
Bonus map: each state's favorite artist as measured by eBay searches.
You know how scifi always portrays alien species as being superior to humans. Here's another way to look at it in Danger: Humans.

For my DFW friends, a week or two ago the Star-Telegram ran four great articles.
  1. A review of the 2014 craft beer scene
  2. The top 10 new restaurants. (Of which I've eaten at precisely one: Bird Cafe.)
  3. The 10 best meals. (On which the inclusion of Matt's Rancho Martinez makes me incredulous.)
  4. The restaurants that are no more. (Of which I had visited precisely zero.)

 photo sassy-hitler_zpsziqh8buz.gif
Sassy Hitler: source

Ever want to pretend you were an air traffic controller? Now you can with the online ATC simulator. a bad children's story. ~C.S. Lewis

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