Saturday, December 20, 2014

There is nothing so easily made offensive...

Two more folks have added their voices to the annual pop-music mash-up genre: Isosine and Danthology.

For my Fort Worth friends, consider coming to visit the Near Southside.

Merry Xmas. This is my personal snowflake. You can make your own here
Kennewick Man (no, not Kristin) reveals that humans came to North America thousands of years before we thought and not just by strolling across a land bridge.

Ever see a cloud inversion before? Ever see one in the Grand Canyon?

Read all about the mission patches from the National Reconnaissance Office. This one for NROL-49 in January 2011 is my favorite.
The so-called spinners clock.

As a bowler I find the automated pin setter to be a marvelous contraption.

They don't even have a color on this map for how early I go to bed. And like most statistics, it leaves out something very important. Like a companion map illustrating what time people wake up.
While we're doing the map thing, here's a state by state map of the USA showing what each state is worse at. (Yeah Texas, lower number of H.S. graduates per capita.)

At least one of our Russian friends thinks this is how the USA will be split up after it collapses. There are more fantasy maps at this link.
32-bit computers, your days are numbered. Literally and figuratively. You have until 19 January 2038.

In no particular order, here's a sampling of various 2014 "best of" lists.

If you've never seen the film Dr. Strangelove, at least you can see some behind-the scenes photos of directory Stanley Kubrick in action.
And since we're on the topic of films, what do you think of Owl?

What else would you call chocolate covered gummy bears? good reasoning. ~Sir Arthur Helps

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