Saturday, December 13, 2014

You'll find boredom where...

It's real. None more black. A UK company has created Vantablack, the darkest substance ever created. It's said to be so black the human eye cannot figure out what it's looking at. It's also more conductive than copper and stronger than steel.

Adolph Gottlieb, Cadmium Red Over Black, 1959. Sought out after reading the New American Painting catalog from 1959. See also this more playful look at the work. 
Hipgnosis, the studio behind iconic album covers (how many young readers just glossed over that phrase) of the 70s and 80s (e.g. Dark Side of the Moon), has a book coming out called Hipgnosis|Portraits.

Attention readers younger than 35. Arlington, Texas is the 2nd best place in the country for you to live. Other notable cities on this list are #5 Austin, TX, #9 Madison, WI and #12 Fort Worth, TX.

Even Google is getting into the periodic table business.
How much do you like Sesame Street's The Count von Count? Do you like him reciting the first 10,000 digits of pi much?

The short film Wanderers - depicting possible future human exploration of our solar system - has developed quite a fan base, perhaps in no small part to Carl Sagan's narration. See more from the filmmaker here.

Animated film news: Annie Award nominees, film lineup for 2015.

The so-called Racial Dot Map supposedly shows one dot per person colored by their race. 
It's a close call but Al Pacino thinks the first Godfather is the better film.

What's old is new again. In this case, the new Bond film Spectre.

What's old is now digital. All of Einstein's Papers are being put online.

It's easy to laugh at this collection of vintage Xmas ads but then if you think for a minute about current advertising the situation hasn't changed all that much.
Science has spoken. The perfect donut has an 11 mm diameter hole.

Play Entire Screen of One Game. Slowly lose your mind.

...there is the absence of a good idea. ~Earl Nightingale

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