Saturday, December 13, 2014

Zero Day by David Baldacci

Why just send one guy
to investigate murder?
That's the real issue.

David Baldacci's Zero Day is the first in a new series of books centered on character John Puller, an Army CID (Criminal Investigations Division) man. Puller is a tough, decorated, but haunted veteran of wars in the Middle East who declines promotions in order to stay in the field hunting down criminals. He also has a pedigree as the son of a storied General and has an Air Force brother with an even more interesting background (not yet fully revealed).

In this first entry in the series, Puller is dispatched to middle-of-nowhere West Virginia to investigate the execution style slaughter of an DIA officer and his entire family. He teams up with the local police sergeant who also happens to be related to the town's coal-mining mogul who somehow might be entangled in this mess. The book also coincidentally touches upon one of my favorite topics.

While Zero Day features many of the attributes of Baldacci's writing, what he's done is create his own, chattier version of Lee Child's Jack Reacher (a character whom I really enjoy). But while, in my opinion, not necessarily unique, Puller is a character worth reading more about.

The audiobook version of Zero Day is very well acted by a two person cast: Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy. Also, the audiobook achieved a first in my experience: one scene actually startled me and caused me to jump in my seat. Which isn't necessarily a good thing when you're driving while listening.

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