Saturday, January 31, 2015

6 Reflections by Markus Reuter

This gift of music
reveals itself in new ways
with each listening.

I hope you took advantage of Markus Reuter's gift to his fans and music lovers everywhere when he made his album 6 Reflections available for free at the end of 2014. (I tweeted; don't blame me if you missed out.)

3 of the 6 tracks are studio recordings, Glaus Haus 1-3. Two tracks are live recordings from the Crimson ProjeKCt tour. And the remaining track is a remix of Glaus Haus 1. All feature Markus' work on Touch Guitar. These works are open, breathy and contemplative - as opposed to inwardly ponderous - and sinuously layered. They are a perfect backdrop for relaxed thought or working on the computer. Give one a listen:

The album is available from iapetus for €4 (digital download only). Whatever the price, 6 Reflections is a beautiful work. Thank you, Markus, for this gift.

Markus' website is

I received no compensation of any kind for this review other than downloading the album when it was freely available.

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