Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Candylion by Harold Budd & Clive Wright

Oh Candylion,
your sweet roar whispers to me

Released only seven months apart, Candylion is the sequel to the previous collaboration between Harold Budd and Clive Wright, A Song for Lost Blossoms. (You can read my thoughts on that album here.)

Unlike its predecessor's longer tracks, Candylion features shorter, more structured, and perhaps more conventional tracks that approach almost soundtrack-ish quality. (I may be influenced by my recent listening to Budd's collaboration with Robin Guthrie on the soundtrack to White Bird in a Blizzard.)

The title track (clocking in at 5:41) is a perfect example of the interplay of Wright's guitar and Budd's keyboards, gliding in waves over and around each other. You can hear it yourself here.

Down to the cover art for both albums that features a heart nested within boxes, Candylion and Lost Blossoms are a superb ambient pairing.

Now all that remains is to add the third work in this trio: Little Windows.

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