Saturday, January 31, 2015

Enjoy present pleasures in such a way...

Let's begin with a little chill from Robin Guthrie, recorded live at KEXP, in the first three videos of this playlist.

Music on CD sounds better than music on vinyl. I can hear the purists howling now. I can hear the kids asking now: "What's a CD? What's vinyl?"

Magnified in both space and time, corals and sponges reveal themselves in the video Slow Life.
When you drill through the Antarctic ice sheet to a depth of nearly 2,500 feet and hit the sea floor, you might not expect to find fish.

Geek out with every issue of Popular Electronics magazine from 1954 to 1982.

America's top jobs for 2015: #2 Software Engineer, #12 Mechanical Engineer, #25 Sales Engineer.

How many of you thought that door was a real movie set? Welcome to the age before digital effects - matte paintings - as used in Star Wars.
More scifi film stuff. Art of the Scene dissects the iconic chesterburster scene from Alien, one of my all-time favorite movies. In the video there's a line about the set design of the Nostromo and its claustrophobic quarters: "The habits and vices of human life springing up in the cracks between machines." I found this to be an apt parallel to the actual chestburster, alien life springing up between the cracks in the human ribcage.

This sonnet was created from my Twitter stream by Poetweet.
Big thinkers share big thoughts about the next 15 years and what 2030 will be like. The guy from the Council on Foreign Relations was a real downer (The world of 2030 "will resemble today's, only almost everything will be more difficult to manage and solve.") while others sound like unfounded happy thoughts (Stanford: "Within two decades, we will have almost unlimited energy, food and clean water.") I kinda like what Esther Dyson said about childhood education and health.

Prefer more near-term predictions? Check out these predictions for 2015 including a Google-Twitter merger.

This may be my favorite map of all time: every goat in the United States, 500 per dot.
College students can now major in beer, the main difference relative to prior decades is that it actually appears on your diploma.

Everyone likes pizza. Therefore, perpetual pizza. to not injure future ones. ~Seneca

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