Saturday, October 24, 2009

It behooves a father to be blameless...

Proof that one's perspective makes all the difference: see the Earth from Mars. Instead of looking at Earth from far away, let's see Saturn closeup. Get answers for your startup from OnStartups. The 4-Hour Workweek dude has thoughts about Google's web optimizer and vanity metrics. A truly remarkable aircraft: the XB-70A.

A guide to regional hamburger styles. (The "stacked" style reminds me vaguely of Charlies' here in Fort Worth.) Rheolef is a C++ finite element environment for solving partial differential equations. Siemens PLM Software blog. Neil Davidson has written a guide to software pricing. Here's a recap of IEEE VisWeek 2009.

Ever wonder what a nuclear detonation looks like after only 10 ms? Find out with these rapatronic photographs. Rare magnetic monopoles, particles with only one magnetic pole, might find use in computers if we can figure out how to harness magnetricity. Here's a shotgun blast of some of Seth Godin's web sites: Permission Marketing, Idea Virus, The Big Red Fez. Autodesk's Project Cooper: going after Google Sketch-Up?

From the CAE newswire...
  • FLOW-3D CFD Software Version 9.4 Released
  • CD-adapco Launches 2010 Calendar Competition (I've had one of these calendars on my desk for the past two years.)
  • NcNeel Updated RhinoScript for Rhino V4.0
  • Tecplot Updated Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Focus
Balloon artist Jason Hackenwerth goes way beyond making a puppy dog. With apologies to Frank Sinatra, "Fly me to the moon..." on the Ares I-X rocket which is set to launch on 27 Oct at 8am. I may be having a beer at the Thirsty Bear soon. Ever have text message regret? These people should. Here are some photographs of nothing more than light. European languages are mapped.

One might argue that all web pages are always under construction, but this page really is. The National Air and Space Museum has put its collection of aviation posters, called Fly Now!, online. Surgery on his neck vertebrae has left Phil Collins unable to play drums due to a loss of sensation in his fingers. Before you haters start chortling, I will remind you of Phil's drumming with jazz fusion group Brand X. (And now some haters can ask "Who's Brand X?" and "What does chortling mean?")

...if he expects his son to be. --Homer

Saturday, October 17, 2009

He that can have patience...

I'm not certain that Good and Plenty belongs on this list of the worst Halloween candy. 37 Signals blogs about their products, including Basecamp. And Basecamp also appears on this list of free tools for running a small business. fusion29, visual communication studio, has updated their web site. If you have an iPhone and you use Solidworks, there's an app for that.

Open CASCADE is a geometry software kernel for 3D modeling applications. Jakob Nielsen applies the concept of powers of 10 to the user experience including the startling result that users can distinguish a web page's visual appeal in 1/20th of a second. From the "I can't remember why I bookmarked this" category, the NelsonQuick Group. If you use OpenFOAM, get your OpenFOAM Extensions.

We missed NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference but keynotes and other presentations are online. Secure your home with Schlage LiNK. Research wages by area and occupation at the Dept. of Labor. ISV Community is a network for people in the software industry and On Startups is for entrepreneurs. All the GTD information that's fit to blog: GTDtimes. Exa added Spatial's InterOp CAD translators to their products.

For those of you with no time to read, see 50 years of space exploration in a single picture. Symscape's October newsletter is out. Read how product managers can use Twitter. The FOAM Documentation Project has been shut down.

...can have what he will. --Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Doubt is not a pleasant condition...

How big is Graham's number? Bigger than a googol, larger than Moser's number. According to the sandwich price calculator, yesterday's lunch cost 79 cents. 6 reasons bacon is better than true love. 15 wonders of the Lego world. 15 women who look better (?) with mustaches.

The tactical triangle simplifies your marketing efforts. All information is beautiful, some more so than others. Disapproving rabbits? Since when did hares get their dander up? Doesn't anyone need gloves or a hat? Spatial added JT support to their CAD translators. One might argue that T-Pain has overused auto-tuning, but does it help or hurt Carl Sagan? While you're watching videos, get an eyeful of these crosswind landings.

I have great fondness for my HP-11C scientific calculator (and I know at least one person who lusts for it). In accordance with recently updated FTC guidelines, no material connection exists between this blogger and HP. SpaceClaim provides CAD software. The dean of the L.C. Smith College of Engineering at Syracuse University has a blog. MSC.Software agreed to be acquired by private investors, Maximus Holdings. Now what?

View the galactic center in 1 billion pixels. Other uses for books. When in San Fransisco, visit the Toronado Pub and sample their expansive stock of beers. Atlassian offers starter licenses of their software for $10. Michael Pollan chose his favorite 20 food rules from readers. Why can't the periodic table be round? Altair's Hyperworks community has grown to 200 partners in the first year.

For your event calendar:
Unroll the world of bathroom tissue with the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia. Generate a customized ransom note. ITI Transcendata's 8.0 release of CADfix has some interesting features including shrink wrapping and support for 64-bit operating systems. A U.S. court has ruled that software is owned not licensed. Take a moment amongst yourself to discuss the implications and generality of this ruling. (Hint: the ruling is relevant to the particularized details of this case.)

For those of you asking "why?", discover how nonsense sharpens the intellect.

...but certainty is absurd. -- Voltaire

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How do you know when you're finished painting?

Can't you see I'm busy? I think fast food value meals have gotten a little bit ridiculous and to counter them you should try all 2,645 calories of the Super Scooby. The perfect word for the modern office is bosshole - don't be one. But if you are one, perhaps Keith Ferrazzi's blog can get you back on track. Add Twitter to Outlook with TwInbox. For the person who has everything: the ponytail cap.

Where's the nearest McDonalds? This joins my collection of online maps (not to be confused with my collection of rental car maps - seriously).
Did Jackson Pollock hide his name in his 1943 painting Mural? (Probably not. You could probably find your name in there.) While I'm on the subject, Pollock's Lavender Mist is one of the most awesome paintings I have ever seen. Ohio is a piano. (Never noticed that while I lived there.)

The Cullinan mine in South Africa produced a 507-carat Type II diamond. (No one tell my wife.) Texas Motor Speedway. VSG released Avizo Wind for visualizing simulation data. ANSYS announced ANSYS HPC, a bundling of multi-physics, parallel computing applications. Symscape's SymLab integrates open source applications. The Shiner brewery in Shiner, Texas. Go Virtual distributes FieldView, CFD++, and other applications in Sweden. ESI Group announced the latest release of the ACE+ suite of CFD software. NVIDIA released the new Fermi CUDA architecture. Invitations to Google Wave are closed.

Terrorism plumbs the depths of credibility with the introduction (unsuccessful) of keister bombs. To combat this, TSA has teamed up with the folks at Sky Mall to bring us the travel bidet. (I swear, sometimes this stuff writes itself.)

How do you know when you're finished making love? -- Jackson Pollock