Saturday, April 4, 2020

Now begins a torrent of words...

How about Genesis in concert from 1976?

Or how about the new album Mixing Colours from Roger Eno and Brian Eno?

Or take some time for Gaudi's chill out mix.

Marcus Cederberg, Look the ocean!. This guy's minimalist photography has my attention.
Frank Stella is featured in a nice NY Times article.

Who knows when and where I'll actually be able to see the new Clyfford Still documentary, Lifeline. Here's the trailer.

So painter Mark Bradford and I were recently hanging out together at The Modern. Click the link and watch the video for more. BTW, that's Beyonce's mom on the left.
Seriously, Mark Bradford is one of this country's greatest living artists. Here's a preview of his current exhibition at The Modern.

And here's an interview with Mark Bradford.

Ze Frank does it again with the true facts of the Freaky Nudibranchs.

Beautiful video of an F-22 being put through its paces.

Syracuse University's domed stadium is getting a new roof and you can watch on live webcam. (I attended the first football game played in the Dome in 1980, just walked across the street from my dorm.)
Artist Charis Tsevis salutes the (now postponed) 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a series of works that employs the Japanese technique of kintsugi, repairing broken ceramics with gold.
More COVID-19 resources:

Not your typical sand castles.
True facts: the Wacky Giraffe

...and a trickling of sense. ~Theocritus