Saturday, June 9, 2018

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary...

J. Peter Schwalm's latest album, How We Fall, has been released. You can stream a few tracks from Rare Noise Records.

While you're at it, give a listen to a preview of the upcoming album Blue Dream from the Jamie Saft Quartet.

Mark Bradford, Pickett's Charge, installation view at the Hirshhorn. Might be time for a visit.
A really long review of spy fiction that I can't decipher.

If you ever stood in a hi-fi showroom "testing" speakers by playing Deacon Blues, this article and its videos are for you.

Surface Work is a current exhibition (London) featuring female abstract painters.

Highly recommend that everyone - especially young people (hint, hint) - read The Psychology of Money. I loved #7 "the seduction of pessimism in a world where optimism is the most reasonable stance."

I've started keeping track of Mickey Mouse in fine art.

Damien Hirst, 

Andy Warhol
Keith Haring
Vernon Fisher
Roy Lichtenstein
Pondering the nature of silence will be seen by some as similar to gazing at all-white or all-black paintings. Yet I contend silence is becoming a luxury item and even more rare. And despite "the ceaseless beep of phones" the dilemma of silence is not risk of sensory deprivation but simply the ability to find it.

"I would like to write about the bullshitization of academic life."

All Over the Map is a National Geographic blog about maps and map making.

VOA brings us the Chuck Jones interview in their What It Takes series.

How about a 1923 film explaining Einstein's theory of relativity.

As if three types of neutrinos wasn't enough, there may be a fourth - the sterile neutrino - which may upend the Standard Model of physics.

Refik Anadol, Melting Memories. Click thru and watch the video.
Chili's Boss Burger (burger, rib meat, brisket, sausage, bacon) might be next on my list.

I have no idea how the game MousePoint works but that doesn't mean I didn't spend hours playing.

...great minds with the ordinary. ~Blaise Pascal