Tuesday, July 5, 2022

On Politics and Tweets

In this post I will rant about myself.

During this 5-day holiday weekend (thank you, Cadence) I looked at my recent tweets and was disappointed to say the least. The vast majority were political. This distressed me because for most of my life I had claimed to be apolitical. 

To be clear:

  • I think Donald Trump is a compulsive habitual liar (easily proven, not debatable), a narcissist of the most extreme variety, and dumb as a bag of rocks.
  • The Big Lie is just that: a lie.
  • A lot of republicans in office or running for office (e.g. Marge, Lauren) also demonstrate stupidity, tell blatant lies, and spend more time claiming to believe the "right" things rather than acting upon them.
  • The so-called "religious right" represents the gristle of Christian faith and are rapidly heading to a form of christofacism.
  • Abortion is a medical procedure that shouldn't be demonized. Anyone who spends an hour reading and understanding medical ethics will realize that the concept of gradualism should be applied.
  • Guns have been turned into a fetish object and need to be controlled. Other constitutional rights are limited (e.g. libel and slander laws).
Now that I've written this post I'll do my best to return my tweeting and facebooking to the things I really enjoy like music, art, literature, food, Disney, running, gardening, family, friends, mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics, and all things engineering software.

That doesn't mean I won't still share political stuff but that will be a smaller percentage of everything.