Saturday, August 8, 2020

Man suffers only because he takes seriously...

This is the world's worst blog post. It's a cleaning-out of a backlog of bookmarks that was making it difficult for me to find the ones for work. And with that guilt out of the way...

Who else watched the 1973 TV series The World At War? It's now on YouTube. The theme music brings back memories. Narrated by Laurence Olivier. This series was instrumental in developing my young understanding of conflict.

I'm told the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes sense if you watch this chronological viewing guide.

Someone should make Miles Davis' chili and tell me how good it is.

A live webcam from Ellsworth Kelly's Austin.

Irene Rice Pereira, The One, 1960. source

Another teaser for the upcoming film about Harold Budd's and Brian Eno's collaborations.

Someone created a website for John Wetton's legacy.

An interview with Markus Reuter about music and psychology.

The 50 best ambient albums of all time. And I have precisely two.

You can buy an autographed pair of Bill Bruford's drumsticks.

Gary Larson has a website: The Far Side. (Honestly, I still prefer B. Kliban.)

Your tune menu:
Joan MItchell, Noel, 1961-62. Expected to go for up to $12.5 million at auction in July.

A 110 million year old fossilized dinosaur has given up the contents of its stomach.

Fort Worth is now the 13th largest city in the U.S.

Here's one of those animated bar charts showing the most popular TV shows 1951-2019.

A cool image slider that blends photos from D-Day and today.

A periodic table comprised of books with elements in their title.

Watch this video that details all the cockpit controls of an F-15.

Some exoplanets may be covered in oceans of supercritical water. Which sounds dull until you realize supercritical water can be used to break down toxic waste here on earth.

Don't like wet planets? How about the ring of fire on Venus?

Disneyland: The First 65 Years is an auction coming up next weekend.

Angular embroidery plus twigs by Natalie Ciccoricco.

Ze Frank's True Facts. Still funny. 
Pandemic resources:
You can stop looking. That treasure hidden in the Rockies has been found.


Every self-help book can be reduced to 11 simple rules. #6 Be playful.

Stonehenge gets the shafts.

Oh, and they found where all those Stonehenge stones came from.

Take a 3D virtual tour of the tomb of Ramsesses VI. Stuff like this is why in high school I wanted to be an archaeologist specializing in ancient Egypt.

Ultra-high resolution photo of The Last Supper.

Watch the earth's human population grow over time.

A Mind Sang. Animation, music. Just watch it.

The Fort Worth Zoo was named #1 in the U.S.

Felipe Pantone, Subtractive Variability Manipulable 3. This is a kinetic work so go watch the video.

The 5th state of matter, a Bose-Einstein Condensate, has been observed in space for the first time.

You can observe a decade of the sun in only an hour.

Science discovered rocks in the center of the earth.

Did your uni make the list of the 50 most beautiful campuses

WindowSwap lets you look out someone else's window.

Science solves the top problems of our age. Is it better to fold or wad your TP before use?

Water beetles can be slurped up by a frog only to be pooped out alive. Proving why mother said to chew your food.

And for your enjoyment, do some macaroni drawing.

...what the gods made for fun. ~Alan Watts