Saturday, November 16, 2019

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge...

One Rothko Per Hour is pretty much what its name says.

Ze Frank has released more True Facts videos: the sand bubbler crab and leafhoppers.

After bookmarking the Bandcamp page for ILUITEQ's Soundtracks for Winter Departures about a year ago, I finally pulled the trigger and bought it based on recent praise for the album from Eraldo Bernocchi. And as I listen for the first time, I regret having waited so long.

Did you know the USS Fort Worth, the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship LCS-3, has a local support committee?

There's no better time for beautiful news. For example, a 100% biodegradable maxi-pad has been developed.

Ed Clark, Untitled, 2005. The painter recently passed away at age 93.

Science has finally observed the magnetic bridge between galaxies.

You may need to spend time with this but I think it's a live, interactive map of trains in Tokyo.

The schedule for the next year's worth of runDisney events was posted to the Disney Parks blog.

The geographic fandom of baseball teams. Those poor Mets.

B-52 nuclear alert missions are not historical artifacts of the cold war. They still happen today as this video shows.

Here's a nice video epilogue to 2001.

Or how about a 360-degree, 4K video of an F-35 flight over San Francisco?

Even more aviation pr0n, this time in the form of the annual Strike Fighter Ball video

Let's bring together aviation and animation in this video survey of Miyazaki's portrayal of flying machines in his films.

A handy reference to all those things on your dashboard. (Never knew there was a gas-cap warning light.)
Sorry, no poop.

...faster than society gathers wisdom. -Isaac Asimov