My Listening 2019

  1. Tranceportation Vol. 1 by Sonar w David Torn
  2. Sculpting in Time by David Kollar
  3. City of Memories by TEAR (Reuter & Wingfield)
  4. Secret Music by TEAR (Reuter & Wingfield)
  5. Soundtracks for Winter Departures by ILUITEQ
  6. Trance Archeology by Steve Roach
  7. Secret Music by Reuter & Wingfield
  8. Su Mimmi Non Si Spara! by Francesco Guerri
  9. Antikythera by Feliciati and Rabbia
  10. Revolver by The Beatles
  11. Let it Be by The Beatles
  12. Abbey Road by The Beatles
  13. Blue World by John Coltrane
  14. Lady Day: The Best of Billie Holiday
  15. Clocks Go Down in Wonderland by Reuter and Thelan
  16. Scenes from the Flood by Bryan Beller
  17. Become the discovered, not the discoverer by Merzbow, Haino, Pandi
  18. It's Morning by Led Bib
  19. Autumn by George Winston
  20. Abraxas by Santana
  21. But Seriously by Phil Collins
  22. No Jacket Required by Phil Collins
  23. Hello I Must be Going by Phil Collins
  24. Face Value by Phil Collins
  25. Scenes from the Flood by Bryan Beller
  26. Kind of Bloop by various artists
  27. Live at Grace Cathedral by Steve Roach
  28. Genesis 1976-1982: Extra Tracks
  29. Slowburn by Security Project
  30. Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks and For All Mankind by Brian Eno
  31. Fractal Guitar Remixes by Stephan Thelen
  32. You Know What...? by the Aristocrats
  33. Hidden Corners by the Jamie Saft Quartet
  34. Red Kite by Red Kite
  35. Tor & Vale by Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband
  36. Tales from the Dreaming City by Mark Wingfield
  37. So Far So Close by Dwiki Dharmawan
  38. No Answer by Dusan Jevtovic
  39. The Sound of the Earth by Xavi Reija
  40. La Casa Murada a Moonjune Compilation
  41. Live at Jazz Fest Wien 2012 by Dwiki Dharmawan String Quartet
  42. Water On the Brain Pt. 2 by simakDialog
  43. Live at RZZ Barcelona by Xavi Reija
  44. Live by Dusan Jevtovic
  45. Crack in the Sky by Stick Men + Dewa Budjana
  46. Three Sides Live by Genesis
  47. Hyperuranion by Chat Noir
  48. Monde Vols. 1-3 by Markus Reuter
  49. The Bill Laswell Mix Translations by Sonar
  50. Full Moon by Asaf Sirkis
  51. Coda
  52. In Through the Out Door
  53. Presence
  54. Physical Graffiti 
  55. Houses of the Holy
  56. Led Zeppelin IV
  57. Led Zeppelin III
  58. Led Zeppelin II
  59. Led Zeppelin I
  60. Tan Man's Hat by Sean Noonan Pavees Dance
  61. Perihilion 2016 by Various Artists
  62. Soul Tones by Steve Roach
  63. Chi by Liebman, Rudolph, and Drake
  64. Shamania by Marilyn Mazur
  65. Cloud About Mercury by David Torn
  66. You Don't Know the Life by Saft, Swallow, & Previte
  67. Meltdown: Live in Mexico City by King Crimson
  68. Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall by Steven Wilson

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