Saturday, February 15, 2020

The composer opens the cage door for arithmetic...

Welcome to this all-text posting.

It's Valentine's Day so while you're in the mood...

When I read that Obama and Trump tied for first place in a recent Gallup poll for the most admired man, I was disgusted, but not for the reason you might think. (That reason being that I think Trump is a most despicable person.) No, it's the shallow thinking of those polled. If the only name you can come up with for someone you admire is the current or former president you probably don't understand what admire means or you have a really weak social group.

Do you know a boy who wears shorts all year 'round including the depth of winter? Not surprisingly, it's said to be an overt display of maturity and independence coupled with a bit of attention seeking. It has NOTHING to do with comfort or being warm-blooded.

How old is the oldest thing on earth? Scientists have discovered a grain of dust on a meteorite that's 7.5 billion years old.

Quantum entanglement at large scale was observed in electrons flowing through a strange metal.

Can you guess someone's name based on the first letter? This website can. (At least some of the time. Got me with one letter. Took five letters for my lovely wife.)

I have mentioned before how much I enjoy the videos coming from Oats Studios. Here's a new one: Migrants.

You're twice as likely to die from a fall than from gunshots. (And that fall would likely be in the bathroom.)

But if you're going to be murdered, here's where in the U.S. it's most likely to happen.

Got a couple of hours? Watch this video of 10-years of weather radar for the U.S.

Got even more time? Here are 1,000 free audiobooks.

Clayton Christensen, author of the classic business book The Innovator's Dilemma, has passed away. HBR lists several of his articles they deem essential reading.

Just some handy Excel formulas to know.

Can your love of Disney be a divisive force in your marriage?

Here's a dashboard for tracking Covid-19.

Artist Sol Lewitt pioneered conceptual art. Here are some of his lessons.

xkcd is an example of a good tech cartoon. Here's one for marketing: Marketoonist. (Scroll down to the one about the "island of misfit innovation.")

Trying to make a buy decision on these albums.

More paperwork will be required in 2021 if you want to travel to Europe.

With the exception of English and Spanish, do you know what language is most common in each state? I would not have guessed that Arabic was most common in Tennessee. Michigan, yes. But not Tennessee.

Make chocolate mousse in a blender.

Check out the YouTube channel of the Japanese Bob Ross.

Rising sea levels will displace 13 million Americans by 2100. Where will they go?

A Russian spy satellite is stalking a U.S. spy satellite.

...the draftsman gives geometry its freedom. ~Cocteau