My Listening 2021

  1. COMET by Markus Reuter
  2. Prog Sampler by Moonjune Records
  3. Live in Syracuse by PAKT
  4. Saturday Night in San Francisco by DiMeola, McLaughlin, DeLucia
  5. Fractal Guitar 2 Remixes by Stephan Thelen
  6. Riviera by Robin Guthrie
  7. A Love Supreme - Live in Seattle by John Coltrane
  8. Folded Temple by Anchor and Burden
  9. Clenched Brow by Anchor and Burden
  10. Weigh Anchor by Anchor and Burden
  11. As Wichita Falls, So Falls Wichita by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays
  12. Hebdomadal by Colin Edwin
  13. The Apple of No by Orion Tango
  14. Music Is Our Friend by King Crimson
  15. Pearl Diving  by Robin Guthrie
  16. Mockingbird Love by Robin Guthrie
  17. Lotus Blossom by Jamie Saft Trio
  18. A Meeting of Spirits by Gary Husband
  19. Signals by Marconi Union
  20. Apophenian Bliss by Red Kite
  21. I Hate Work by Mike Pride
  22. Karma by Gaudi
  23. Seriously Deep by Beledo
  24. Magnificent Live Stories by Nicolas Meier
  25. Mutual Isolation by Burnt Belief
  26. Unheimlich Manoeuvre by Jo Berger Myhre
  27. III by JU
  28. Live in Scottsdale by California Guitar Trio
  29. Complete Piano Works and Selected Operatic Transcriptions by Giacomo Puccini
  30. Fragments by Trifecta
  31. Anchor and Burden by Markus Reuter
  32. Noise in the City by Art of Noise
  33. Elements of King Crimson 2021 by King Crimson
  34. Solar Flash by Asaf Sirkis
  35. PAKT by Percy Jones
  36. Jamie Saft Plays Joe Morris by Jamie Saft
  37. Naurora by Dewa Budjana
  38. Aufbruch by Markus Reuter and Stephen Thelan
  39. Prog Noir by Unquiet Music
  40. Stove Top by Three Layer Cake
  42. The Things I See by Gary Husband
  43. Crossings by Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen
  44. Brave New World by Adam Holzman
  45. Gratitude Vol. 2 by Markus Reuter
  46. Blues and Doped Flowers by Sigillum S
  47. Doom Jazz by Swami Lateplate
  48. Leviathan The Grid/Fripp
  49. Bitter Suite by TEAR
  50. The Giant Nothing by Supervoid
  51. FREEZE! Live in Europe 2020 by The Aristocrats
  52. In the Electric Universe by Mahogany Frog
  53. Fractal Guitar 2 by Stephan Thelen
  54. Sleep 001 by The Ambient Zone
  55. Plymouth
  56. Fake Dudes by Magnet Animals
  57. Tony's Picks by Tony Levin
  58. Dedicated to P by David Kollar
  59. Sun Rings by Kronos Quartet
  60. Sonic Pulses by David Kollar
  61. Mode for Titan by Josh Werner
  62. Breakfast in America by Supertramp
  63. Weltschmerz by Fish 
  64. PORTAL: The Late Night DJ by Feliciati & Mastelotto
  65. A Romantic's Guide to King Crimson by the Mastelottos
  66. In the Name of... (A Prayer for Our Times) by Unquiet Music

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