Saturday, October 5, 2019

The only easy day...

The best fast food in every state. Ohio = Gold Star Chili?

Science tells us what happened the day the dinosaurs died.

The Comet, a video about comet 67P.

Disney Docs is where a guy shares his collection documents related to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and more. (It's nice to see a focused collection.)

It's still difficult to understand how the Red Bull Air Race can be over. But it is. So they share some memorable moments and some best moments.

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No. 22, 1969. From an article by Tony Berlant on Diebenkorn's influence. "A yin-yang balance between impulse and revision is felt in all his work."
Mark your calendars. The Modern will host the exhibition Mark Bradford: End Papers from 08 Mar 2020 to 09 Aug 2020.

Imagine an entire magazine dedicated to the periodic table of elements. You don't have to imagine it - just read the 28 Aug 2019 issue of Businessweek.

Money only motivates when tasks are simple and formulaic. Otherwise, money demotivates. So what do we want? Autonomy, mastery, purpose.

What's rarer than the collision of two black holes? The collision of three black holes.
Innerviews features Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks. Interesting to hear him be open about feeling a wee bit inferior to the solo careers of band mates Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford.

Robert Fripp said that music is the goblet that holds the wine of silence. Read more about the history of silence in music.
Got a tech (programming) interview coming up soon? Don't forget to ask your own questions. What kind of meetings happen every week? How do you prepare for disaster recovery?

What's most interesting to me in this announcement from D23 of a 50th anniversary celebration by the Walt Disney Archives is that the exhibit will be traveling with an announcement of locations promised in 2020. DFW?

The fall foliage map for 28 Sep 2019. It looks like North Texas has nothing to get excited about until the end of October and beginning of November.
Excel mavens rejoice. XLOOKUP, the successor to VLOOKUP, is coming. The article claims that VLOOKUP is the 3rd most used function in Excel behind SUM and AVERAGE. (I guess I might as well learn what the hell VLOOKUP does.)

Fort Worth's Near Southside is primed to be an innovative economic force.

What are the most important leadership competencies? #2 is "self-organizing," provides goals and objectives with loose guidelines and directions.

The first ever photograph of light as a particle and a wave.
A golden toilet named America was stolen from a gallery where it was being exhibited. How?

You are looking at the world's oldest fossilized turd, the Lloyds Bank Coprolite. It's from a 9th century Viking.
Science proves that knives made from frozen poop don't work. (Who thought they did?)

...was yesterday. ~U.S. Navy Seals