Saturday, August 3, 2019

Work shapes the mind...

Some tunes for while you read.
Eyvind Earle, A Sounding of Surf. Earle is one of my favorite Disney artists, maybe because his style is so distinctive. source
How exactly did art arrive at Jackson Pollock? Let's begin with Manet.

I love this aerial photo of Disneyland on opening day in 1955. See more here
Something's hidden on the moon. But unlike 2001's monolith, it's a lump of metal that's five times larger than the main island of Hawaii. Something like that isn't too hard to find. It's in an impact crater that's 2,000 km in diameter. That's right, its an asteroid impact.

Here's a 4-quadrant diagram of French fries rated on taste and texture scales. LOL - In-N-Out is dead last where they belong. (Their fries taste like someone sliced a raw potato and ran the bits under hot water for 30 seconds.) Guess who's #1?

MAD Magazine will be no more later this year. A huge part of my childhood.

Would an illustrated version of the Mueller Report make you want to read it?

2,400 previously unseen post-9/11 photos of the WTC were bought at an estate sale and are now on Flickr.
Think the solar system is dusty and dry except for the Earth? WRONG. There may be more superionic ice than any other form of H2O.

Oh, the solar system has a tail.

Photos of quantum entanglement? We got 'em.

Light has more properties than you'd think - or science can predict. They just discovered a new one: self-torque.

You can download from GitHub the original source code for the Apollo mission's guidance computer.

More science you ask? OK, how about the ability to teleport quantum data into a diamond?

The secret science-advisory group Jason is being disbanded by the Dept. of Defense.

Here's a 10-week introduction to meditation with freely available guided tracks to follow.

And here's 10 myths about work-life balance. #2 Life needs to be compartmentalized. The best alternative expression is work-life rhythm.

A visual representation of the warming of Texas over the period 1850-2018. Customize it for your region with Show Your Stripes.
Honestly, the National Military Strategy 2018 is a bit underwhelming. This unclassified version is only 6 pages. I wonder how many pages are in the full document?

The best book for every age from 1 to 100. I've read exactly 6 of them.

This is kinda interesting: the 101 things changing the way we work. Stuff I've never heard of: office farming (exactly what it sounds like), microdosing (want a little LSD with your work?), JOMO (the joy of missing out), and Globotics.

Take a tour of the Doomsday Plane.

Can you see the shock waves in this photo? I had to look really closely. source
Nuudii (a Kickstarter project) is said to be between a bra and bra-less.

Would you rather live in Fort Worth or "the LA of the south." LOL

What's the world record for sitting on the toilet? 116 hours.

Did you know they had robots in the 1700s? Did you know the greatest one was a pooping duck?

I started with music so I'll end with music. But you can control this music. Here's a Gregorian music generator.

...leisure colors it. ~James Dolbear