My Listening 2022

  1. Springtime by Robin Guthrie
  2. Truce 2 by Markus Reuter
  3. Molten Burden by Anchor and Burden
  4. Proem by Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer
  5. Amassed Difference by TEAR
  6. Neon Karma by Neon Karma
  7. Wise After the Event by Anthony Phillips
  8. Strength & Power by Rudd, Saft, Dunn, Pandi
  9. Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper by Merzbow, Pandi, Gustafsson, Moore
  10. RGB by Mole
  11. Mutations by Obake
  12. Nine Thoughts for One Word by Chat Noir
  13. An Untroublesome Defencelessness by Merzbow, Haino, Pandi
  14. Pole Axe by Slobber Pup
  15. Draugr by Obake
  16. Feels Like Forever by Anchor and Burden
  17. The Bucket List by Keaggy, Levin, Marotta
  18. The Numbers are Dancing by Mannheimer Schlagwerk
  19. Live in Buffalo by PAKT
  20. Live by AKKU Quintet
  21. Colors of Red Island by the Claudio Scolari Project
  22. Mask of Confidence by Mask of Confidence
  23. Making a Song and Dance by Bill Bruford
  24. Vaudeville 8:45 by The Trackers
  25. Faust by Mahogany Frog
  26. Broken Masses by Bernocchi & Mundy
  27. Tentacles by Stick Men
  28. Jamie Saft Plays Cage and Granelli by Jamie Saft
  29. The Turning Year by Roger Eno
  30. Natural Impulse by the Claudio Scolari Project
  31. Cosmology by the Claudio Scolari Project
  32. Upside Down by the Claudio Scolari Project
  33. LANDSKAP/A by the Claudio Scolari Project
  34. The Light Inside, The Dark Outside by ILUITEQ
  35. Vanishing Lands by NETHERWORLD
  36. Transeptunian Planets by J Peter Schwalm & Stephan Thelen
  37. Don't Know by the Claudio Scolari Project
  38. Animals (2018 Remix) by Pink Floyd
  39. Slowburn Tour Edition by The Security Project
  40. Net Label Day by 7d Media
  41. Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out and More by Steve Hackett
  42. A Sense of Destiny by David Kollar & Arve Henriksen
  43. Further Explorations by Chick Corea
  44. The Coming Dawn by Markus Reuter
  45. Fractal Sextet by the Fractal Sextet
  46. Screamnasium by O.R.k.
  47. Contrails by Kane Ikin
  48. For Sunday's When it Rains by Robert Rich & Luca Formentini
  49. Dirty and Beautiful Vol 1 Remix Edition by Gary Husband
  50. Bleed by Reuter 
  51. AUTOVIA Remixed by Violeta Vicci
  52. Fractal Guitar 3 by Stephan Thelen
  53. Kosmonautik Pilgrimage by Anchor and Burden
  54. Reflections from the Road by ILUITEQ 
  55. Live at the Roundhouse by Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets
  56. Small Winters by Taylor Deupree
  57. 20221120 Teatro Nescafe by Stick Men

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