Saturday, September 15, 2018

The reason we want to live forever...

The Red Bull Air Race is coming to Fort Worth in November and tickets are now on sale.

"Knowledge is the new money." Why you should read for 5 hours per week.

Listening to Possibilities Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Tobias Reber and trying to decide whether to buy.

I am fairly certain I should buy Sonar's entire discography.

I have already bought Change in the Air by the Cuong Vu 4Tet.

Proving that any tool can make art, Addie Wagenknecht used a Roomba to paint the floor. The color is a hint to one of the influences but when you learn that the artist reclined nude on the floor while the Roomba painted you'd draw the obvious cmoparison to Yves Klein.
Why 355/113 is an excellent approximation of pi.

Art exhibits that would've nice to see:
What does music look like? Synesthesiatic artist Melissa McCracken shows us.
Another True Facts video from Ze Frank: the Bobbit Worm.

Everyone close to Toledo should secure tickets now for a class, a lecture, and a performance by Harold Budd at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Edvard Munch, The Scream 1893. The lesson here is that sometimes what looks like abstraction is actually representation. Scientists believe Munch's depiction of the sky is a real meteorological phenomenon called nacreous clouds. 
"Volume is begotten of flatness, not of volumetric rotundities." So we read in 10 perspectives on drawing in abstract painting.

Is $4.5 million the most ever paid for a nickel? Don't know but that's how much a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel (only 5 are known to exist) recently sold for.

NASA's moon video set to Clair de Lune.

NASA's astronomy picture of the day reveals the observable universe.
Long article about nuclear weapon nerds.

Preview the finalists for the 2018 student Academy Awards.

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Interrobang!? because we live in an impoverished present. ~Alan Watts (paraphrased)