Sunday, September 8, 2019

Those who can make you believe absurdities...

OK, jazz lovers. Kind of Bloop is an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis' classic album Kind of Blue. Genius.

The long-ish article How Art Transcends Logic and Language ends with a short-ish insight: the unique nature of art can show us what's implicit in the gaps between our certitudes of rationality.

by Hans Kleinsman. source

True aviation pr0n - this year's video salute to the EA-18 Growler.

User Inyerface is a frustrating, game-based homage to bad user interface design.

As an antidote to that last link, here's a page full of (good) design principles. #1 for interaction design is "anticipation."

Ugly Gerry is a font comprised of gerrymandered congressional districts.
Excellent video with insight into the animation of Cinderella's dress. Seriously.

An introduction to particle physics. Go ahead: read it. It's OK.

See, I'm putting the music links in the middle.

How to kill cancer cells? Disguise chemo drugs as yummy fats.

Science has found a way to grow new tooth enamel. No more cavities?

Richard Serra, sculptor, makes the massive become ethereal.

Visiting an art museum makes you happy. I could've told you that.

Believe it nor, they did consider adding external munitions to the stealth fighter.

Quick: how many engines are on a B-17? Four? At least one had 5 with a T-34 mounted in the nose for testing.

Greg Bustin's 25 leadership lessons includes #20 Have Fun. Humor in the workplace is vital.

Disney's pressed penny machines now charge $1 instead of 50 cents. So I can no longer call pressed pennies "fifty ones." And the machines don't take coins. I bet soon the machines will all lose their hand cranks.

Can you limit all your email responses to 5 sentences?

Next year will be Syracuse University's 150th birthday.

Mortality rate by county and cause.
Unko, poop in Japanese. When in Japan visit the Poop Museum.

Buttsss, a collection of butt illustrations.

And the best thing on teh interwebs. A soundboard chock full of affirmations from Alex Trebeck.

...can make you commit atrocities. ~Voltaire