Sunday, November 29, 2020

He who has the most...

Mark Bradford is interviewed for Art in America about his exhibition, End Papers, currently on display at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. (See image below.)

For your listening pleasure, Behind Closed Doors 2 by Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream), Markus Reuter, and Shawn Crowder.

Saxophone. Classical saxophone.

The Hood Internet summarizes 1990 with 60 songs in 3.5 minutes.

Music in various stages of evaluation.

  • Gary Husband and Chick Corea in conversation (not music)
  • Bumerang by Richard Hallebeek, Lorenzo Feliciati, & Niels Voskuil (ordered, waiting for CD to arrive in the mail)
  • Canoe by Taylor Deupree (still deciding whether to buy this single, 20-minute track)
  • Genesis performs a medley of "old" songs live in 1992 (on YouTube, just gotta find the time)
  • Lab 2020, the annual album of UNT's One O'Clock Lab Band (a YouTube playlist, but I'm waiting for my CD to arrive in the mail)
  • Neuzeit by J. Peter Schwalm and Arve Henriksen (have it, playing it, enjoying it)
  • Another Flower by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd (waiting for the CD to arrive)
  • Another World by Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal (previewing, trying to decide)
  • Mujo by Eraldo Bernocchi & Hoshiko Yamane (ordered, waiting on CD to arrive)
In case you're wondering, I did just order an additional CD shelf with capacity for nearly 300 discs.

Mark Bradford, Q1, 2020. See link above.

An article in the WSJ presents the renovated Rothko Chapel in Houston. Along with the updated Museum of Fine Arts and renovated Menil Collection, it's time for a trip south. I'd love to see the chapel's paintings with the enhanced natural lighting.

WSJ also writes about Brian Eno and his new album, a compilation of film music.

But before heading to Houston, I need to go to the Blanton in Austin. Here's what they're up to.

Take 8 minutes to watch this video about the 12 principles of animation.

If this freely available, 164 page ebook on Elementary Quantum Mechanics for 3rd year university students is truly elementary, I'd hate to see the advanced version.

Brownian motion of graphene has been shown to be capable of generating electric current

Explore 100,000 stars.

Do something similar with Project Orion.

Take some time to review the 100 most influential bits of animation. And no, it doesn't start with Gertie the Dinosaur.

The song that's sweeping the nation: Library Takeout.

Studio Ghibli has made available images from most (all?) of their films. Here's one from The Wind Rises, a film I've yet to have the chance to see.

While we're talking about planes, here's a summary of the state of U.S. bomber forces.

Marconi Union's 2015 album Departures has been rereleased in digital format. 

What does a Raspberry Pi and hundreds of drinking straws make? You'll be surprised.

What can you do with a tool that's the size of a penny? Seems quite a bit. Introducing the Claw.

So you like tiny things? How about a Rubik's Cube that's less than 1/2 inch per side. But it's price isn't tiny.

Sixty Minutes talked about Walt Disney World in 1972.

An over 2-hour interview with Trey Gunn.

When you retire an F-117 stealth fighter and send it to a museum you first have to remove the outer coating of radar absorbent material.

If any video has ever qualified as aviation porn, it's this one: F-22 Raptor Hype.

Virginia Jaramillo, Genesis, 1969, from the artist's curvilinear series. Some day, hopefully soon, I'll be able to visit the Menil Collection.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is hosting a retrospective of Joan Mitchell beginning in March 2021 and I would love to see it too.

Also want to get down to Austin soon to see Expanding Abstraction at the Blanton.

It may sound dull, but this video about how traditional French butter is made is quite interesting.

The good news: room-temp superconductivity. The bad news: requires pressures approaching those at the earth's core.

Robert Harris has a new novel set in WWII called V2.  

I have a mild case of tinnitus so this non-invasive treatment that zaps your tongue looks promising.

How brief is a zeptosecond?

All Van Gogh.

Why does a pepper grinder on Kickstarter get nearly $1 million in pledges? Maybe it's because the video is pretty funny. Or maybe people really like pepper. 

Penguin poop and nitrous oxide.

When was BOGO first used in print? Use Merriam-Webster's Time Traveler to find out or choose a year and see all the words.

I'm a fan of black licorice. But like most things, moderation is important.

A new edit of Godfather 3. But it's only on BluRay and I don't got that.

More of Ze Frank's funny True Facts: Snake and Lizard Tongues and Cat's Killer Senses. content with the least. ~Diogenes