My Listening 2020

  1. Tranceportation Remixes by Sonar
  2. Cosmopol by Kollar & Wosthenreich
  3. Abracadabra in Osaka by Soft Works
  4. PORTAL by Feliciati & Mastelotto
  5. Break by Corey Fuller
  6. Akari by Illuha 
  7. As Pleat by Fourcolor
  8. Shoals by Taylor Deupree
  9. Jamie Saft Plays Mr. Dorgon
  10. Mujo by Eraldo Bernocchi
  11. Lab 2020 by the One O'Clock Lab Band
  12. Another Flower by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd
  13. A New Century by The Cleveland Orchestra
  14. Terminal Velocity by John Petrucci
  15. The Process by Batiste, Smith & Laswell
  16. Against Empire by Bill Laswell
  17. Allt Ar Intet by The End
  18. Neuzeit by J. Peter Schwalm & Arve Henriksen
  19. Breach by TEAR
  20. World Dialog by Stephan Thelen
  21. Rock Goes to College by Bill Bruford
  22. Bumerang by Felciati Hallbeek
  23. Unintended Isolation by David Kollar & Arve Henriksen
  24. Boner (Adrian Benavides Version) by Centrozoon
  25. Boner (Marziano Fontana Version) by Centrozoon 
  26. Proof of Life by Mark Wingfield
  27. Behind Closed Doors 2 by Quaeschning, Reuter & Crowder
  28. Life on Hisaru 9 by Trey Gunn & Markus Reuter
  29. OWARI by Stick Men w Gary Husband
  30. Bird and Diz by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillepie 
  31. Cuts Open by Merzbow, Gustafsson, Balazs
  32. Hiding in Plain Sight by World Service Project
  33. 11 Questions by Markus Reuter and Robert Rich
  34. Superradiance by Eraldo Bernocchi and KK NULL
  35. Live by Eddie Jobson
  36. Selling England by the Pound and Spectral Mornings Live by Steve Hackett
  37. Incognita by TEAR
  38. Spectral by Robin Schlochtermeier
  39. Warszawa by Porcupine Tree
  40. Sonic Shapeshifters
  41. Nothing is Sacred by Markus Reuter Occulus
  42. Music in Eight Parts by The Philip Glass Ensemble
  43. Seeing Through Sound by Jon Hassell
  44. Listening to Pictures by Jon Hassell
  45. First Point of Origin by Colin Edwin
  46. LTD0004 Virtual House Concert July 11,2020 by Markus Reuter
  47. Mesmerium by TEAR
  48. Pole by TUNER
  49. Mountains by Saft, Morris, Downs
  50. Atlas by Saft, Morris, Jones, and Downs
  51. The Journal of Organic Music
  52. Offering to the Morning Fog by Robert Rich
  53. Against Empire by Bill Laswell
  54. Small Moments by Michael Manring
  55. Reanimate by Earth Diver
  56. Behind Closed Doors by Quaeschning and Reuter
  57. Jerry Granelli Plays Vince and Mose
  58. Tranceportation Vol 2 by Sonar w David Torn
  59. Infolding by Spin Marvel
  60. Red Hill
  61. Machine Language by Animation
  62. Crime on the Bunny by David Kollar
  63. Punkt by Trey Gunn
  64. Firma (96k) by Trey Gunn
  65. 1k2020 Retrospective by Tim Motzer
  66. Nedresa by The End
  67. Tensegrity Vol. 2
  68. Fourth by TEAR (Reuter & Wingfield)
  69. Stillness Soundtracks I by MACHINEFABRIEK
  70. My Sister by Marco Minneman
  71. Sunshine Seas in Dub by New Zion Trio
  72. Mysteries Unfold by Sophie Tassignon
  73. Music of our Times by Gary Husband and Markus Reuter
  74. Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
  75. Stillness Soundtracks II by MACHINEFABRIEK
  76. Interview (35th Anniversary Edition) by Gentle Giant
  77. Metamorphic Rock by Moraine
  78. Soft Machine Legacy Live Adventures
  79. Machine Mass Plays Hendrix
  80. Tesla Manaf
  81. Mata Hati by Tohpati Ethnomission
  82. Vegir by Vantomme
  83. Life Is... by Susan Clynes
  84. Dictionary 3 by Ligro
  85. Senna by Mahogany Frog
  86. Gospel for J.F.P. III, a Tribute to Jaco Pastorius
  87. From the Caves of the Iron Mountain by Gorn, Levin, Marotta
  88. BLUE Nights by Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
  89. Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
  90. Surya Namaskar by Dewa Budjana w Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta
  91. Chapter One by I Know You Well Miss Clara
  92. Resolution by Xavi Reija
  93. First Live in Japan by Arti & Mestieri
  94. Liver by Slivovitz
  95. 23/20 by Sigillum S
  96. Gratitude by Markus Reuter
  97. Static Motion by SONAR
  98. Smoke + Glass by Alex Haas & Bill Laswell
  99. Mixing Colours by Roger Eno and Brian Eno
  100. RUMBLE by Lorenzo Feliciati
  101. Music from the Early 21st Century by Previte, Saft, and Cline
  102. Georgian Microjamz by Giorgi Mikadze
  103. The Unbelievable Truth by Elton Dean and the Wrong Object
  104. Lab 2019 by the One O'Clock Lab Band
  105. Truce by Markus Reuter
  106. Tarquahet by TEAR (Markus Reuter & Mark Wingfield)
  107. PANAMERICA by Stick Men ft. David Cross

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