Saturday, September 10, 2016

We call first truths those...

ART: I think this would be classified as architecture pr0n: Tadao Ando's Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The Modern also happens to be the oldest art museum in Texas.

MUSIC: 40 years after Leftoverture, Kansas is back with a new album: The Prelude Implicit.

MUSIC: Marco Minnimann released a video trailer for his new album, Schattenspiel.

MUSIC: You may or may not agree that Steely Dan's Aja is 8 minutes of greatness. I do.

MUSIC: The Aristocrats' Bryan Beller gave a lengthy interview with Anil Prasad for Innerviews. "None of us wants to be this generation’s Yngwie Malmsteen."

The Periodic Table of  Motion. And it really moves
FUNNY: You may have been wielding a knife hand without even knowing it.

ANIMATION: Disney animator Milt Kahl made wire sculptures that look like line drawing in 3D. Be sure to watch the video; the sculptures are quite remarkable.

ART: There are no original ideas, or so says David Lynch when speaking on creativity.

If you hate misplacing things, you'll be happy to know that Philae has finally been found on Comet 67P where it landed in a jumble of rocks.
UNKNOWN: Are those symbols on your dashboard indecipherable? Not any more.

FUNNY: A snarky video mash-up of cult and sorority recruitment videos.

SCIENCE: There's a book about the cognitive science of swearing.

I don't watch the show, but you might be interested in this generator in the style of the TV show Stranger Things.
AVIATION: A bit of aviation pr0n for you: a C-17 doing a low level pass.

COLD WAR: Was Mahmoud Abbas a KGB spy?

FOOD: In Viet Nam they put butter and a sprinkle of sugar on their french fries, as seen in this world tour of fry toppings.

Brisket has health benefits. DUH.
FUNNY: David Attenborough turned 90 so the BBC celebrated the nature journalist's work with three funny videos featuring Aardman Animations. See also this video about 3D printing in stop-motion animation.

SCIENCE: A bunch of wood ants fall into a nuclear weapons bunker. Not the start of a joke, but a real study of unique colony behavior.

The fossil equivalent of turducken: bug in lizard in snake.
AVIATION: This video hits the professional nostalgia button for me. The Air Force System Command 1984 Staff Report covers many of the sights and sounds that made up the beginning of my career.

NAUGHTY: Xmas is coming: Nice Balls.

SOUNDS: I don't really know what a Ramsophone is, but I bet you'll spend hours fiddling with it. Like I did.

...we discover after all the others. ~Albert Camus