Saturday, June 6, 2020

A frog in a well...

When Robert Fripp promised a year's worth of weekly Music for Quiet Moments, you listen.

Tranceportation Vol. 2 by Sonar w David Torn is coming soon. Here's a teaser.

When you evolve for 20 million years while isolated on an island it's no wonder that you'll be called a crazy beast when they find your fossilized skeleton.

imgflip, which I use for making memes, now has an AI meme mode which produces... interesting results.

LUNAR, a short film about the Apollo program.

Art museum visitors often seem oblivious to the rules about touching or even getting close to the artworks. This won't change that but it will shed a little light on what's at risk: humidity from the breath of museum goers is fading the colors of Munch's Scream.

What is it with long lists this week? 250 things an architect should know. 34 Jane Jacobs. 85 The smell of concrete after rain.  120 The fire code. 168 How to patch leaks. 222 The diameter of the earth.

Can you find yourself in the Faces of Facebook?

The new, unified, geologic map of the moon
Music for your consideration (and mine).
Where in the world is... Jackson Pollock's Mural? In 2022 it'll be back home in Iowa.
You'll be able to get a Spaceship Earth desktop wallpaper (from Disney's Epcot) at this site.

When NASA returns to the moon it'll be on a vehicle from Blue Origin, Dynetics, or Space X.

I consider Brian Eno to be the father of the ambient music genre. The NYT lists his 15 essential works. 1980's Ambient 2 album with Harold Budd is one of my personal favorites. Small Craft on a Milk Sea is one of his more recent albums. (15 seems like too many. Couldn't they have limited it to less than 10?)

Want 68 bits of advice? Seems like a long list. "Art is in what you leave out."

From a set of photos of Donald Judd's retrospective at the MoMA. There's something lyrical about his use of color, material, and the most subtle use of shadow.
A jukebox based on AI.

Tom Peters always has something good to say about leadership and business. Check out his 27 Number 1s for the age of COVID-19. Excellence is not an aspiration - #25 Excellence is the next five minutes.

Jackdaws love by big sphinx of quartz pales in comparison to this: Angel Adept Blind Bodice Clique Coast Dunce Docile Enact Eosin Furlong Focal Gnome Gondola Human Hoist Inlet Iodine Justin Jocose Knoll Koala Linden Loads Milliner Modal Number Nodule Onset Oddball Pneumo Poncho Quanta Qophs Rhone Roman Snout Sodium Tundra Tocsin Uncle Udder Vulcan Vocal Whale Woman Xmas Xenon Yunnan Young Zloty Zodiac. Read more about pangrams and proofing fonts.

How countries map onto Pangea.
For a trip down memory lane, check out The Hood Internet's Fifty Songs in 3 Minutes from 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 19861987, and 1988. Are more coming?

Have you read Moby Dick? Did you notice all the colors? If not, be reminded.

Disney movies have only 18 types of songs.

Just gonna leave this here. source
I've recently praised the film Koyaanisqatsi. Here's a tribute for today: Quarantineqatsi.

I want to make Skyline Chili dip.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Rembrandt's The Night Watch in person. But I don't think my view was as good as this 44.8 gigapixel image.

A map of current unemployment rate by state.

Venom paint scheme on an F-16. source
You've probably heard of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies (for ex, "Honor thy error as a hidden intention.") But maybe not Passive-Aggresive Oblique Strategies (for ex, "Yell at an egg.").

Ze Frank, he funny. For ex, True Facts: BatFishes.

...cannot conceive of the ocean. ~Zhuangzi