Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Tao is near and...

A recording of Harold Budd speaking at USC in 1985.

I'm afraid to use Readable on one of my blog posts. I'm afraid because one of the statements on their home page is "+83% The increase in the number of people who will finish reading your content if its readability is improved [emphasis mine] from grade 12 to grade 5." Maybe we can improve the average reader from grade 5 to grade 12."

What is the first principle of product management? Maximize impact to the mission. You'll have to click through to read the second.

Emily Mason, Ancient Incense, 1981. source

"Music and sleep are the two most natural ways to escape from everything and when they combine it truly becomes a dream. Let us take you there with our artists’ sublime music curated especially for you by The Ambient Zone." That's the introduction to the digital album Sleep 001.

A four-hour, real-time video of the moon from the Kaguya Orbiter.

Restored 16mm film of Magic Kingdom from 1970.

A live performance from 2008 by the Five Peace Band (Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett, and Vinnie Colaiuta). 

Amazon has 14 leadership principles (aka core values) which is a lot and I'm curious how many employees can remember them all. There are so many I'm having a hard time choosing one to show here. "Leaders are right a lot." 

On this list of low maintenance house plants, I'd like to try the sansevieria starfish.

It's kinda pretty - a black hole eating a star from the inside out.

The Super Mario game's soundtrack has been restored.

In the mid 1960s an experiment was run to see whether three physics PhDs could build a nuclear bomb. Their final report is classified so it's uncertain whether they succeeded or not.

"The record is a triumph of atmosphere..." is part of this brief article about one of my absolute favorite albums of all time, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne.

"Lockdown Throwdown" is an unfinished performance by Gary Husband and the late Chick Corea. Enjoy and marvel at what is and what might have been.

"Poop" and "knife" are two words not usually found together but here you go: you can buy a poop knife for dicing dooky (slicing scat, carving crap) so it fits down the flush.

You may have heard that the Rothko Chapel has been remodeled. If you can't get to Houston soon for a visit, this new book is a pretty good substitute - Rothko Chapel: An Oasis for Reflection.

Looks yummy. Recipe here.

When you gotta cut loose but you're around genteel folks try these alternative (alternate?) swear words. For example, nerts, for the love of pete, and gee willikers.

Just another reminder that the World Championship Air Race is coming back in 2022.

If you've lost your shark, you can track it in real time online with the Shark Tracker.

Unsuck It is a way to deprogram business jargon.

This nice lady from Fort Worth who recently passed away collected a lot of art that's now up for auction at Sotheby's. Check out the collection of Mrs. John L. Marion

Stephan Thelen's Fractal Guitar 2 is definitely on my list of favorite albums of 2021.

Blobmixer. Just try it.

Here's a track from the new Liquid Tension Experiment album. You've ordered it, haven't you?

Ze Frank, the man, the legend, the True Facts: Deception in the Rainforest.

Mahogany Frog's new album is In The Electric Universe

Several people have recommended the Netflix documentary Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art.

Piet Mondrian, Gray Tree, 1911. From an article about how Mondrian's abstractions became a new way to see the world. Gray Tree is stunning and in it I see all his mature works. They're all there.

Where on Mars is Perseverance?

Fancy a BBC recording of Pink Floyd performing live in 1971?

Wonderful animated film: Cupcake Quarantine.

This had better not be a joke before I drive around trying to find it. Arby's Meat Mountain sandwich.

Coming later this year to the Dallas Museum of Art is Expressive Abstractions: A New Look at Postwar Art.

Roger Waters recorded a new version of The Gunner's Dream from The Final Cut and its everything you'd want in such a remake.  Hearing it motivated to pull the CD off the shelf for this weekend's listening.

You can watch several Oscar-qualified animated short films online. Minor Accident of War has some fantastic texture to it. And more films are here.

Here's a concert video of The Beatles from 1964.

I love this hand-drawn animated film - THE STROKE.

Spend an hour getting a FA-18 walkaround from a former Blue Angel pilot.

...people seek it far away. ~Mencius