My Reading 2008

  1. The Negotiating Game by Charles Karrass 
  2. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz 
  3. HR Giger by Taschen 
  4. Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond 
  5. Return of the Enola Gay by Paul Tibbets 
  6. The Bourne Legacy by Eric van Lustblater 
  7. Capturing Jonathan Pollard by Ronald J. Olive 
  8. The Archangel Project by C.S. Graham 
  9. Takedown by Brad Thor 
  10. Family of Spies by Pete Earley 
  11. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner 
  12. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell 
  13. The Husband by Dean Koontz 
  14. Double Identity by Robert Spoede 
  15. The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy 
  16. Wealth Without Worry by James Whiddon
  17. Touching History: The Untold Story of the Drama that Unfolded in the Skies over America on 9/11 by Lynn Spencer 
  18. Abstract Expressionism by Barbara Hess 
  19. Richard II and Richard III by William Shakespeare  
  20. Confessions of a Spy: The Real Story of Aldrich Ames by Pete Earley 
  21. Wild Fire by Nelson Demille  
  22. Scorpion Down: Sunk by the Soviets, Buried by the Pentagon by Ed Offley  
  23. Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs by Craig Stull, Phil Meyers, & David Meerman Scott 
  24. Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation by Owen Briggs et al 
  25. Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn 
  26. The Partner by John Grisham 
  27. What If?: The World's Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been ed. by Robert Cowley 
  28. The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy 
  29. Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse ed. by John Joseph Adams 
  30. Jackson Pollock by Ellen Landua 
  31. Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn 
  32. Deep Storm by Lincoln Child 
  33. Spy Handler by Victor Cherkashin 
  34. Comrade J by Pete Earley 
  35. As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner 
  36. Codebreaker: The History of Codes and Ciphers by Stephen Pincock
  37. The Confessor by Daniel Silva 
  38. Traitor by Stephen Coonts 
  39. Color as Field: American Painting, 1950-1975 by Karen Wilkin 
  40. Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy 
  41. The Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni