My Listening 2016

  1. Lab 2016 by the One O'Clock Lab Band
  2. EP by Gaudi
  3. Fool of Music by Markus Reuter
  4. Jonathan Coleclough, Bass Communion, Colin Potter
  5. Live in Pomona by Markus Reuter
  6. Emergent by Burnt Belief
  7. Live 2 by the Security Project
  8. Radical Action by King Crimson
  9. Close to the Edge by Yes
  10. Tales from the Vault by Allan Holdsworth
  11. Shadows in Time by Marsen Jules
  12. Disappearance by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree
  13. In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes by Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer
  14. Twine by Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer
  15. ZWAR (Live in Europe 2005) by TUNER
  16. From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess
  17. Sunday Morning at the Village Vanguard by the Bill Evans Trio
  18. Frequent Flyer Live by Lorenzo Feliciati
  19. A Chord Too Far by Tony Banks
  20. Live 1 by The Security Project (my comments)
  21. Quit Being So Gray by Markus Reuter
  22. In Praise of Shadows by Eraldo Bernocchi and Shinkiro (my comments)
  23. Cool Spring by Rothenberg, Wostherinrich, and Nicholas
  24. Live by Nik Bartsch's Ronin
  25. 4 1/2 by Steven Wilson
  26. Orion Tango by Orion Tango
  27. Live at Princeton University 2015 by Bernhard Wostherinrich
  28. The Beauty of Disaster by J. Peter Schwalm (my comments)

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