Sunday, November 16, 2008

Second Verse, Same As The First

SGI is evolving their partner program. A timeline of the greatest cereals of all time. Ten ways the world will end. See these early storyboards from Star Wars. Halloween 2008 revealed this candy hierarchy. Some people think Jonathan Pollard didn't receive justice. Get what you need about business from the Personal MBA. Gyminee is a social network for fitness. Change and transition. View inspired talks at TED. Drawn is the illustration and cartooning blog. Research keywords using KeywordSpy. Get your animation art at Art Storm. The ESI Group has their own CFD Portal. Tailgate like an Aggie. The latest issue of Tecplot's Contours newsletter. Geomagic's Convergence 2009 will be held 24-26 Feb 2009 in Savannah. Couple your simulation codes using MpCCI. Wake up to Space Invaders. PTC now half off! Gyration makes cool mice and remotes. Get your carpets cleaned by a robot at iRobot. Webcam plus Roomba equals Rovio. Get your computer speakers from m-Audio. When in Syracuse, dine at L'Adour. Make Scottrade your online broker. Should I read The Post-American World?


Unknown said...

Did you read "Post-American World"? What is your review of it?

John said...

No, I didn't read it. It was recommended to me.