Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Fatal Sparks...

The hierarchy of beards. The private lives of your favorite toys. Ten absolutely worthless gadgets. Photographs of old computers. Keith Meintjes is now a director at CPDA. The Xmas card art of Roy Doty. Mario in 3D. Twenty five pounds of tater. Cool photos of water drops. Use Cooliris to discover the web. Play the sad trombone. The Lawrence Media Group. Learn CFD using ZNTutor. We get a leap second at year's end. An XML format for airfoil geometry. Read what Bjarne Stroustrup has to say about computer science education. See what new graduates are earning from Texas A&M's salary surveys. Keep tabs on what's happening on the interweb using SpyFu, Twitter Search, Delicious, BoardTracker, and Compete.

...have set the hearts of all on fire.

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