Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be proud of your country...

Combine infographics with baseball and get Flip Flop Fly Ball. This year's Thermal Fluids Analysis Workshop (TFAWS) will be held in Huntsville, AL on 11-13 August. The 4th Drag Prediction Workshop (DPW) was held in San Antonio last month on 20-21 June. IDAC is an ANSYS VAR in the UK. I'm told that Three Olives Vodka is good (even with a twist). When US bombers mistakenly head toward Moscow with a payload of nukes, can President Henry Fonda avert disaster? See for yourself in 1964's Fail Safe. The Fort Worth chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Generate your own Twitter logo using Twitlogo. Create photo effects online using Tuxpi. Serving food on a stick doesn't necessarily guarantee a winner, but these examples do make a strong case. (Seahorse on a stick seems a little iffy, but the bacon wrapped sausage is pure genius.) ITI TranscenData has acquired Proficiency, bringing together two leaders in CAD data translation. What is the Texaplex and why is it good? For you CFDers seeking a new challenge, consider the High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-1) to be held in Chicago in June 2010.

Nigel Tufnel was wrong; there is indeed something more black. Oklahoma State has an Computational AeroServoElasticity (CASE) Lab. I know what you're thinking - wouldn't a jet-powered seaplane suck water into the engines? The F2Y Sea Dart. If you haven't yet seen this show, watch tomorrow on NatGeo and see how Northrop Grumman engineers created a full-size model of the Horten 229, Germany's stealth fighter from WWII. They must have written this for me: 78 photo rules for complete idiots. Firefox 3.5 is available. Update now? In case you need a map of the world's fastest supercomputers. To round out the list of CFD workshops, here's the Shock Boundary Layer Interaction (SBLI) Workshop, to be held in Orlando in January 2010. Marvin Electronics no longer carries B&O products. Where am I going to get my turntable fixed? (Why am I going to get my turntable fixed?) Maybe at Pyramid Audio.

...but live so your country can be proud of you. -- Abraham Lincoln (paraphrased)

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