Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Art Thief by Noah Charney

Noah Charney's The Art Thief was a good enough novel, one that I'd give a solid B.  I had been doing a lot of other art-related reading and decided it would be a nice audiobook tie-in.

The plot starts out interesting enough - how can the same painting be stolen twice? Not twice in its lifetime.  Twice at the same time.  The search for the answer to this paradox brings in a host of characters from Scotland Yard, the French police, art museums, art societies, and art fans of all sorts.

Somewhere in the middle of the novel I realized that virtually every character should've been a suspsect. And in a quirk I didn't really like, the revelations and settling of accounts comes in the epilogue, an overly dry recitation by one of the characters about how it all came about.  An unlikely group of characters comes out on top and an even more unlikely group ends up with nothing.

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