Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea...

The Job Creators Alliance is a way for CEOs to tell their side of the story about how to get people back to work. It was created partly in response to the belief that the "occupy" folks are monopolizing the message and belief that government isn't the answer. Read a little back story here.

Sweet mother of god - Bacon Egg Pancake Cup
How do you poach programming talent in Seattle? With a bacon cart.

Color Thief, a script for getting the dominant color and color palette from an image looks cool but I wish it was a web-based tool. (I suppose What's Its Color will have to do.)

Speaking of thieves, if someone's stealing your internet service you could cut them off or mess with them - as in invert all the images. I thought Upside-Down-Ternet was urban legend but it looks real.

I could play this game all day. paper toilet .com
I could've sworn I shared Bruce Connor's 1981 video MEA CULPA before but perhaps not. It's a great video comprised of found images backed by the track Mea Culpa from David Byrne and Brian Eno's album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, made from found sounds.

If you're going to use social media to find a job, Facebook seems to be the way to go followed by Twitter and the LinkedIn. There's something odd about professional networking site LinkedIn being half as effective as Facebook for finding a job.

CF-18 Hornet with a tiger stripe paint scheme.
Someone's trying to make a movie out of Ender's Game and the kid from Hugo has been cast to play the role of Ender.

A huge animation art auction is coming up next month. The Icons of Animation Auction features some fantastic stuff, from a $300 drawing of Roger Ramjet to a $20,000 production cel and background of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty to a $120,000 production cel and pan background of the Hag from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The catalog is worth browsing even if you don't plan on bidding.

Here's an interesting social media idea that melds the digital and analog, the electronic and the tangible: have your event Live Sketched.

Like ketchup and a banana split, there are some good things that shouldn't be combined. Like  Jackson Pollock and a jigsaw puzzle.
Why do some people spill their coffee while others don't? Science comes to the rescue. It depends on the natural oscillation frequency of the coffee and whether the person's walking motion excites that frequency.

Maybe you're more into swirling wine. That depends on "the ratio of the level of wine poured in to the diameter of the glass; the ratio of the diameter of the glass to the width of the circular shaking; and the ratio of the forces acting on the wine." 

The Memphis Belle, the famous B-17F that completed 25 missions over Europe during WWII, is undergoing restoration at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton and this 3-minute video gives a nice overview of the project. At the 15 second mark of the video there's a photo of the crew. I have this photo hanging in my office signed by the pilot, Robert Morgan.

I know people who'd die if their work made it onto the Tangled Cable Appreciation page.
With today's launch of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission with the rover Curiosity (you watched it this morning, right?) what better time to check out this infographic of all the missions to Mars.

I could watch this all day: slow motion video (1 million fps) of bullet impacts.

My philosophy guru is Epicurus (key promise: peace and tranquility, key peril: boredom). Find your own guru at My Philosophy Guru.

One man's approach to debugging. I like the "All engineers are fucking idiots" stage.
Will your next desk be an EXOdesk? The desk is the computer, the computer is the desk.

More proof that science is answering the key questions of our time: flies like beer because of glycerol.

Artists like beer because they can collaborate on this huge sound sculpture made out of recycled Red Stripe beer cans.

They folks at xkcd put together a nice infographic about money, from single dollars to trillions.

Yet another way to see music: circular music spectrum analysis. Be sure to watch the video.
I'm still a sucker for those Downfall parodies. This time Hitler finds out he's been out-memed by the pepper spraying campus cop.

Rolling Stone listed the 100 greatest guitarists. Notables for me are #62 Robert Fripp, #14 David Gilmour, and #5 Jeff Beck.

The Alien series of movies is a personal favorite. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Aliens on Ice. Unfortunately, this production gives Aliens, ice skating, and theater a chest-burster. Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised.

Another simply done yet wonderful animation - dream (drem) n.
"Look at Shakespeare. Poor bloke. Wrote thirty-seven plays, none of them his." Hilarious article by Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame) in The New Yorker.

Orgasms. Who fakes 'em? Women are about twice as likely to fake them and are most likely to do so if they think their partner is cheating. Coincidentally, this article is from Yahoo! which is what I shout every time I have an orgasm.

A delightful photo essay of strange toilets and urinals, Part 1 and Part 2. I'm partial to the commode with the fish tank tank.

An E/A-6B and an E/A-18G painted in vintage WWII colors.
Ouka: after a while chasing down that little flower starts to drive you nuts.

Cats celebrating Hanukkah.

...when it's the only one you have. ~Emile Chartier (paraphrased)


Francis Shivone said...


Philosopher: Aristotle, although some questions weren't exactly either/or

Toilet paper site: I rolled to the end.

Loved the bullets

I'll spend a lot of time on the money charts. That's quite a piece of work.


John said...

I wish there was a way to see the traits of all philosophy gurus without having to retake the test. Kinda like how you can find out what an ESTJ Myers-Briggs type is without testing yourself.

TP has to be rolled to the end. Although I suppose in some that would promote anxiety rather than contentedness.

Glad you enjoyed it.