Monday, July 30, 2012

Lions of Kandahar by Rusty Bradley

Lions of Kandahar, co-authored by Maj. Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer, is a first-person account of "the greatest battle no one ever heard of," the taking of Sperwan Ghar by 30 Green Berets and 50 ANA soldiers. Sperwan Ghar is a key geographical high point that was a Taliban stronghold and staging based for a planned Taliban offensive to control Kandahar City. During this battle Maj. Bradley's team and their close air support killed or wounded 800 Taliban including several commanders.

There's not much more to say than that. When you read as much military fiction as I do, it's important to read a non-fiction account just to remain grounded in what real soldiers do and think, their efforts, their struggles, and their sacrifices. It's quite a tale.

I purchased a hardcover version of Lions of Kandahar signed by the author at Texas A&M's MSC Bookstore.

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