Saturday, October 20, 2012

There's a fine line between cuddling...

Little known programming factoids include this one: a programmer produces about 10-12 lines of code per day that go into the final product.

Are you a student? Are you interested in starting a business in digital media? Do you like competition? If you answered yes to all three you should consider Student Startup Madness.

Here is your learning of the day. You know how cussing is represented in text with special characters like #$%@^? Apparently there's an editorial standard - you can't just use random characters. F%^$ is Fuck and f*&^%$# is fucking. Stick that in your Strunk and White. (If Tom Hanks can say it on GMA, I can write it here.)

Zao Wou-Ki, 21-08-95. Asian sensibility with Western technique?
How did artists respond to the horrors of WW2? Paul Schimmel explains the exhibition Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void 1949-1962. Images here.

Artist Robert Rauschenberg's foundation gots themselves a Tumblr.

Rotterdam's Kunsthal museum gets burgled - 7 paintings stolen including a Lucian Freud. Coincidentally, a Freud exhibit is currently underway at Fort Worth's Modern.

Damn, Nelson Mandela, you smell so good!
I can't do any better than to repeat this article's title. This may be the best response ever to a Facebook rant - period. (Two minute video - just watch it.) ("Crimson landslide" - LOL)

Politics. Yes, I know - it sucks. Tired of wading through the FUD mongering babble that passes for honest discourse? Don't know whom to vote for? Let Vote Compass from guide you. Answer a few questions and see where you fit in the political landscape.

Would you put Michelin's Tweel airless tire on your car?
What did a bit and byte look like in the 1950s? Adam Savage shows you.

Space exploration: 55 years in 5 minutes.

Did you have an Atari 2600 when you were a kid? I did. My favorite games were Asteroids and Breakout. It turns 35 years old this week so it's time for a tribute to its top 10 selling games.

Beer cans + Raspberry Pi = beer can touch keyboard awesomeness.
#16 They rarely, if ever, get food in their mouth.
A friend (my age) just got his first grandchild. Before everyone gets all googly and squishy I remind you why kids are actually the worst. #14 They're functionally useless.

Fly along with a wingtip mounted camera on this Russian Su-25.

A little animation, a little saxophone, a little video: Sax.

Sexame Street - Maybe if Mitt had these two in his binders he wouldn't be in a hurry to cut PBS' funding.
The photo above gives a slightly new meaning (in my dirty mind) to the Million Puppet March.

Excited about World War Z (starring Brad Pitt?) coming to the big screen next summer? If not, maybe you'll like some of these other planned summer 2013 movie releases.

Enjoy this collection of Space Shuttle concept art.
...and holding someone down so they can't get away.

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