Saturday, April 27, 2013

The greatest weariness...

Tell a group of ambient/electronic musicians to transform the Brandenburg Concerto into something abstract in honor of painter Clyfford Still and the results will be multiple versions of the Still Concerto.

Too arty-farty for you? How about this real or fake, leaked or released version of Get Lucky from Daft Punk's upcoming new album? If you'd like to read more about Random Access Memories, check out this interview in Rolling Stone where they reveal the limited use of sampling and drum machines.

As I've said before, I love it when two of my interests intersect in unexpected ways. Here's a wonderful intersection. According to an article in The Independent, the CIA covertly funded and used abstract expressionism - the art movement dominated by Pollock, Rothko, Still, and others - as a weapon in the Cold War.

It seems the Soviets like to decorate public spaces using their old jet aircraft. Click through to the photo essay and see where and how old MiGs and other jets are displayed.
If you've never seen a so-called pencil test of an animation I recommend watching this 1-minute sequence from Jungle Book. Maybe you'd also like to see superimposed images of Disney animation with the live actor test of the same shot.

The sun: 3 years in 3 minutes. Fabulous video.

All 7 billion of the world's population - each one of us, represented individually - on one web page.

Ranger's pitcher Yu Darvish has a remarkably consistent throwing motion for all his pitches. Don't believe me? Check out this composite animated GIF.

All your internet memes in one place.
Five unusual beers that - get this - don't involve elephant poop! Chipotle ale anyone?

What are the best and worst jobs of 2013? Third best = software engineer. Eighth worst = mail carrier.

I don't know whether to feel enlightened or scared after reading this list of secrets your HR professional won't tell you. Or maybe HR professional should be added to the list of worst jobs.

My son thought I'd like Better Book Titles' take on Faulkner's Light in August, a novel also loved by painter Sean Scully who takes inspiration from doors, maybe "...the open door's serene rectangle..." from Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!

See this and other beautiful landscape paintings by classic Disney artist Eyvind Earle.
The periodic table of Google Analytics. On the plus side, it is a periodic table. On the minus side, it's also an infographic that isn't interactive and the subject matter is a little narrow. Also, non-interactive here's an illustrated version of the real periodic table of the elements.

From the Things I Didn't Think You Could Hear department: Alexander Graham Bell's voice.

Storm Thorgerson passed away recently. You know his work on classic album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Peter Gabriel. At the link you'll find a video of Storm describing his work on Peter Gabriel's first three albums: Car, Scratch, and Melt.
This interactive accordion is genius and I'll let you try to figure out how to make it play.

How about a cheat sheet for typing special characters. Or a guide to identifying the type of file.

Tired of optical illusions as just images? Try the video Illusions.

Do you know your 8 types of shovels? Post hole diggers are one type. You can read about the rest.

This golden jewel may be the most beautiful poop I've ever seen. source
With Porn MD you can interactively search the USA state by state and other parts of the world for the most frequently used search terms on porn sites. (People in France are freaky.) Regardless of your sick tastes, I do not recommend putting an eel up your butt. 

Joke of the day: What do you call a woman with no asshole? (Divorced) Highlight the text between the parentheses for the punchline. source

...comes from work not done. ~Eric Hoffer

P.S. I've been listening to Steven Wilson's The Raven That Refused to Sing while I write this and you should expect a review of this glorious album soon.


Anonymous said...

Here's another take on unusual beers:

Not sure what to make of this but the periodic table of elements is my favorite Bit so far this week...

Album cover coming up

John said...

I have precisely zero interest in Mr. Stern.

Francis Shivone said...

Divored made me laugh.

Ignorance revealed: I did not know that the sun rotated on its axis.

If Yu keeps this up (the if part is significant with pitchers) he'll enter a category we have not seen in Texas Baseball.

John said...

All star-type object spin (I think). Consider a quasar with those nasty beams of energy shooting out the poles.

I don't know much about baseball but it was impressive to see all those different pitches from the same motion.