Saturday, July 13, 2013

The only true wisdom...

Stay with me on this one. Start with a silent film by Hans Richter from Germany in 1927 called Ghosts Before Breakfast. Know that the film's original soundtrack by Paul Hindemith was destroyed by the Nazis. Now ask Steve Roden to create a new soundtrack and let the Los Angeles County Museum of Art host Roden's work-in-progress. Now listen and watch.

Lovers of transcendental numbers will love these visualizations of pi and more.
For Disney fans, here's a video, compiled of snippets culled from the best home movies they could find, of Disneyland in 1955 during its first year of operation. (Turn off the volume because the soundtrack was annoying, IMO.)

Read this. Learn. How clothes should fit.

An interesting list of 100 life tips supposedly from someone's high school teacher. It ranges from the very practical (#45 Invest in great luggage.) to the philosophical (#90 Make the little things count).

Comrade, enjoy these pages from a 3rd grade English textbook from Soviet Russia in 1953.
Physics and poetry. Both can be easy, both can be hard. But what does it mean exactly for a poem to be hard? (This reminds me of a recent conversation with a friend about a novel that's quite difficult. The statement "living uncomfortably in the midst of a poem you don't understand." applies in this instance as it does for physics as well. How many times did I read something in a technical text only to think WTF?)

Speaking of physics, know yer forces.

How old is the average country? Guess first before clicking through to see the map. Two hints: Japan is the oldest at 2,673 years and South Sudan is the youngest at 2.

World map of day/night usage of teh interwebs.

How healthy is your county? Check for yourself on this map. (Tarrant county is ranked 37th in Texas.)

If you enjoy this video about the sounds of coffee you have a serious coffee problem and should seek help.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art hosts the Rauschenberg Research Project with more info about the artist and his works than you can shake a stick at. (For one particular friend I offer this essay on his Untitled [glossy black painting].)

You may scoff, but there's something about Ellsworth Kelly's installations that are quite wonderful. (I know a wall that's ready-made for one.) If you're in NYC, be sure to check out Ellsworth Kelly at Ninety.
Take a little advice from Thelonius Monk. In his handwritten notes for a gig he writes "What you don't play can be more important than what you do play."

Odd food combinations. Bananas and mayo sandwich? Ewww. Bad ideas for automobiles. Pop-up headlights? C'mon man.

Beer geeks: What happens when you try to brew a 5,000 year old beer recipe? Nothing, cuz it sucks. But maybe you could swim in it.

Science is paving the way to the future. With pig poo. Or as they call it, PiGrid, a "durable construction adhesive" for road construction that's made from swine manure. Watch the video.

See how much of a pest Shamu can be. in knowing you know nothing. ~Socrates


Francis Shivone said...

Fascinating transcendental numbers drawing. Makes me think the Pythagoreans were right.

John said...

I think it shows that there's hidden beauty all around us. Art in science, science in art. If we just look for it.