Sunday, March 9, 2014

Perhaps by Harold Budd

Call Harold Budd an
avant-garde sensualist.
But never new age.

Harold Budd's Perhaps, 75 minutes of live solo piano improvisation recorded in 2006 as part of a tribute to James Tenney and recently re-released by Root Strata, is an absolutely wonderful piece of music. It crystallizes a singular moment in time with a performance remarkable not only for its portrayal of the bare essence that makes Budd's work so great but also for its tiny quirks and oddities, the imperfections that make a recording like this vibrantly personal and virtually tangible. The experience is one of alternating anticipation and discovery, seemingly simultaneous for the listener and the performer. The title itself leaves you on the edge of decision.

You can get a taste of the performance on YouTube with the track Quandari.

Harold Budd's website is

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