Saturday, June 13, 2015

Personal by Lee Child

Reacher proves again
that he'll do what's right even
if he's treated wrong.

It's been over a year since I've had the pleasure of a Jack Reacher novel so Lee Child's Personal was very enjoyable. The author has done it right when you enjoy the character as much as the story.

And a good deal of that enjoyment comes from Dick Hill's voice acting. If I had started my Jack Reacher experience by reading the books as opposed to listening to the audio books I wonder how Reacher would've sounded in my head. But now, I can't imagine a voice more perfect for him than Hill's.

Jack Reacher is a retired major from the U.S. Army military police who wanders the country by foot and by bus. (What he's searching for, if indeed that's what he's doing, isn't clear to me.) Along the way he often stumbles into criminal activity of some sort or another that he ends up resolving. He's nicknamed "Sherlock Homeless" for the combination of his taciturn mental prowess and the fact that other than the clothes on his back his only personal possession is a toothbrush.

In Personal, a brilliantly gifted sniper whom Reacher arrested 15 years ago has been released from federal prison and is offering his services to whomever needs them. Reacher caught him once and is asked to catch him again before a head of state loses his head. And to do so he must go up against a criminal gang leader who dwarfs Reacher's 6 feet 4 inch frame.

Great character. Another fun story. Highly recommend.

"Nothing can be said about writing except when it is bad; when it is good, one can only read and be grateful.”

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